Plants That Will Naturally Clear Your Pond Water

There are three plants which can act as a natural filter for your pond, keeping the water pristine and clear. These are Duck Potato, American Pondweed and Pickerel Weed. Below is a description of each and why they make such an excellent contribution to improving pond water quality.

Duck Potato

This perennial plant is emergent and can thrive in water with depths between six and twelve inches. It can reach heights up to four feet, and contains leaves which are wide with white colored flowers that have three petals. In addition to keeping pond water clear, it also provides outstanding cover and can serve as a source of food for various pond animals.

American Pondweed

Also a perennial type plant, American Pondweed has leaves which will submerge and float. It is found naturally in Texas, and produces fruit which matures by late spring or the early part of summer.  It creates an outstanding fish habitat, while serving as a food source for various forms of wildlife, especially ducks.

Pickerel Weed

Also native to Texas, Pickerel weed is perennial and arguably the most visually attractive of the three. This is because of its luminous green leaves and stems which produce a bloom of flowers which have vibrant violet/blue coloration. It grows between three and four inches and pond fish will consume any macro vertebrates which live on it.

Caring For These Plants

Maintaining the clarity of your pond water can be a real challenge, especially as it ages. The key thing to remember about these three plants is that while they are good at preventing pond water from becoming dirty, they are not so good at clearing up water that is already dirty. In other words, if you’ve allowed your pond water to become muddy you’ll need to rectify this issue first before you can install these plants and benefit from them.

Actually, if you add Duck Potato, American Pondweed or Pickerel Weed to the pond water without cleaning it first, you actually run the risk of killing these plants. The reason for this is because of inadequate sunlight. The sun’s rays won’t be able to thoroughly penetrate pond water which is muddy and cloudy, and since all plants rely on photosynthesis to thrive, your plants will quickly succumb.

Keeping Your Pond Water Clean

That being said, it is important to use a manmade filter to clean up the pond water, and afterwards you can install the three plants. Some owners take the extra step of hiring a biologist to review their pond and determine if it is properly prepped for the introduction of new vegetation. Another essential tip for maintaining pond water clarity is the installation of a filter near the shorelines, which will either stop or substantially slow down the runoff which results from rain. These three plants are not only prized for their ability to keep water clear, but also due to the fact that they provide food that your fish will eat, as certain invertebrates are attracted to these aquatic species.