Hydro-seeding is essential as water is combined with seed, bio stimulants and fertilizer in order to produce a substance that is then sprayed onto landscapes in order to promote vegetation while keeping erosion under control. It is a field which incorporates cutting edge technology and is the subject of ongoing research.

What is Hydro-Seeding?

Hydro-seeding is a process which uses a number of ingredients. Aside from bio stimulants, seeds and fertilizer, other ingredients include lime, polymers which are moisture retentive and tackifiers. The ingredients will be combined together in a tank that is mounted on a trailer that will feature either a mechanical or jet system for agitation which mixes the ingredients into a type of slurry which will then be driven to the construction site. It will be sprayed onto a landscape that has been previously prepared, in a layer that is uniform.

Why Should You Get Hydro-Seeding Services?

Hydro-seeding provides numerous advantages over traditional seeding techniques. It is faster, results in germination which is more uniform, and it substantially cuts labor costs. Furthermore, it provides property owners with much greater control over erosion. Practically any grass or landscape which is ideal for the planting of seeds can use this technique. It has been successfully applied to pasture mixes, wildflowers, erosion control mixes and mixes for athletic fields.

The most important factor in the success of the hydro-seeding process is the mulch itself. The mulch will function as the medium of growth for seeds, and when the right variety is applied at the correct rate, the mulch will give moisture retention which in turn will result in faster germination and protection from extreme temperatures through insulation. Compared to straw or hay, which are traditionally used for seeding, hydro-seed mulch doesn’t use weed seed. This means that the slurry can be adjusted with multiple additives to produce the perfect seed growth environment.

Another reason you should use hydro-seeding as opposed to traditional seeding techniques are the lower labor costs. Every ingredient that is placed in a seed bed will be combined inside the slurry and then applied simultaneously. By contrast, old fashioned seeding techniques usually require every ingredient to be applied individually. The mulch from hydro-seeding will dissolve and merge with the soil. Hay or straw will have to be applied over standard seeding techniques and must be collected and then removed after the lawn has been established, which is much more labor intensive.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Hydro-Seeding?

We have considerable expertise in hydro-seeding and continue to experiment and keep abreast of emerging techniques. There are various types of mulches which are available on the market and the selection will only continue to grow. Each mulch has a different role, which we understand. The mulch will usually come in bales that will have to be broken down. We will consult with you to determine your needs and help you develop a hydro-seeding solution that will make your landscape look vibrant and lush. Contact us today to learn more!