The foundation of your property is one of the most important parts of its structure. This is because it offers support to everything that is above it. Drainage solutions involve keeping moisture and water away from the foundation, while providing many other benefits.

What are Drainage Solutions?

Drainage solutions are methods and equipment used to collect water and then create a space beneath the ground where it can percolate downward through the soil. Drainage solutions come in many forms, and sometimes consist of trenches which are dug to specific depths and then filled with a drain line that is perforated and gravel.

Why Should You Get Drainage Solutions?

The most important benefit of drainage is keeping water from accumulating. When water is allowed to accumulate it can eventually cause flooding and if it becomes stagnant it will attract mosquitos. Drainage stops this by directing the flow of water to a specific location that is away from the property. Another advantage of using drainage solutions is the reduction in soil erosion.

When water is allowed to accumulate within soil, it will become muddy, which will cause erosion within your landscape. A quality drainage system creates moisture balance, which prevents erosion from occurring, but it will also eliminate disease causing organisms and toxic chemicals. Areas that receive heavy rainfall for long periods of time will experience an increase in water levels. Not only can this higher water level result in flooding, but it can also transport contaminated water onto your property.

Drainage solutions will eliminate these materials, while lowering your maintenance requirements overall. When you don’t use a drainage system, this means you’ll have to perform more maintenance on the lawn. Drainage solutions will significantly reduce the landscaping work that will have to be done. Drainage comes in many varieties, which range from the French drain to the dry well. Corrugated tubes are also popular, as they can be installed above or below ground to redirect downspouts away from the building.

The grassy swale is another drainage solution that is natural, where a moderate grade or hill is constructed that directs the water to one side so that it rolls down and disperses into soil that is more absorbent. It is important to remember that different problems require specific drainage solutions and one that works for a given situation may not be effective for another.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Drainage Solutions?

While water is a necessity for life, it can become quite invasive when it moves from one place to another. A residential or commercial property that has drainage problems will experience serious damage if it isn’t resolved quickly. Fitz’s Fish Ponds has tremendous expertise in dealing with these issues, whether they are pooling, undirected downspouts, saturated soil and puddling. We can prevent it from completely wrecking your landscape and yard, but only when you contact us as soon as the problem is detected. We will install a quality, long lasting drainage system that will direct water away from your property. Contact us today!