All Japan Koi

All Japan Koi Show

A chance to visit the best Koi show in the world, some 4000 Koi can be entered into this show, ranging from 3″ to 40″ plus! Some amazing Koi to be seen. We arrive on Friday and stay in the heart of Tokyo. We travel to the Koi show on a Saturday morning and spend […]

Spring Trip

Spring Trip

This is the Spring trip to Japan, Quite popular with dealers. We do have hobbyists visiting at this time of year but many of the Koi available are Tosai (1 yr old Koi) and also the Jumbo Tosai which can be very good buys. Many breeders only have limited space in their mud ponds and […]


Autumn Trip

“The Trip” This is the big one! The Autumn harvest trip. This is a VERY popular trip and gets booked up quickly. This is where we do things differently. With our relationships with breeders, we can actually get our clients into the mud ponds and harvesting! You can help pull the ponds and help get […]