Dedicated koi ponds are distinct from water gardens and ecosystem ponds because they usually have no aquatic plants or pebbles on the bottom. This is due to the the pond typically being relatively deep with vertical edges. While there are deep water plants, the filtration system and recommended salt levels are not suitable for plant growth. Koi are a large species of fish and require a larger pond to thrive. We recommend a minimum of 1,000 gallons, and a depth of at least 3 feet.

What is a Dedicated Koi Pond?

A dedicated koi pond is a pond constructed specifically for koi, with water quality and clarity in mind. This kind of pond is for people who truly value koi over perhaps a more aesthetically pleasing pond, and want them to live in the best possible conditions. The design of a dedicated koi pond consists of a relatively large and deep pond, with a volume of at least 1,000 gallons and a depth of at least 3-4 feet. Other than coping stone along the ponds edge, dedicated koi ponds typically have no other stone added, leaving the liner exposed below water level. Not rocking the pond serves multiple purposes: it maximizes water volume, makes for easy cleaning, prevents koi from getting scratched/cut, and leaves a smooth surface that the koi enjoy rubbing their belly’s on. Dedicated koi ponds typically use bottom drains, which cannot function properly with rocks, gravel or plants on the bottom. Bottom drains will suck any waste or debris out of the pond and send it through the filtration system. In addition to the bottom drain, filtration typically includes a settlement tank to catch larger debris from the drain, a skimmer to catch floating debris, a pressure filter to filter out finer particles, and an ultraviolet light to kill algae and harmful bacteria. While this solution may be more expensive than others, it is the most effective way to ensure your water stays crystal clear and healthy for your beloved koi.

Why Should You Get a Dedicated Koi Pond?

Koi are descendent from carp and Japanese selective breeding techniques that over hundreds of years have produced a variety of patterns and colors. While koi were selectively bred for their color as early as the 17th century, they didn’t reach Europe and North America until the 20th century. Used first by the Chinese in rice paddies, koi were eventually presented to the Japanese, who saw the potential in breeding them for their beauty and color. It was the Japanese that made koi the beautiful fish they are today. Koi, especially Japanese koi are exceptional in size, with lengths that range from two to three feet and weights that can reach thirty five pounds. Koi are also known for their longevity, which rivals humans at 50 to 70 years. However, some Koi have been known to live longer than 100 years. It is the combination of their beauty, history, and lifespan that makes them such a valuable and collectible fish. There are koi shows and competitions all over the world, with some show winning koi fetching tens of thousands of dollars! These are just some of the reasons people love koi and want a dedicated koi pond built for them.

Dedicated Koi Pond

Due to their large size it is essential that dedicated koi ponds be large and deep. The water quality of the pond must also be excellent, as poor water quality can rapidly lead to health problems among these fish. Most traditional ponds are constructed in a manner where they can sustain a variety of animals and plants, and many enthusiasts like this diversity. However, the reason dedicated ponds are so important for koi is due to the unique properties these fish have. They can get large, have long lifespans, and are of a much higher value than any other pond fish. Combining koi with other species of fish, plants and creatures is perfectly fine, however there are risks associated with it. If you want your koi to have the best possible conditions, then you need a dedicated koi pond.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for a Dedicated Koi Pond?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds has considerable expertise when it comes to dedicated koi pond construction, as well as koi selection, quarantine and water testing. We can build a spectacular pond that is not only large enough to comfortably hold your koi, but is structured in such a way where it will keep them healthy. We are stringent when it comes to comprehensive water testing, and will check the ammonia levels of your water to make sure they are at safe levels. Our customer service is superb and so are our prices, so contact Fitz’s Fish Ponds today for our dedicated koi pond services!

Dedicated Koi Pond