how to plan pond renovation

Landscaping Design & Construction

Landscape design and construction will entail the sustainable, aesthetic, and arboreal aspects of a property. It is a complex field that incorporates multiple disciplines such as soils engineering, geography, architecture and surveying.

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Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen is a kitchen located outside the home. It will usually be made out of stainless steel or stone veneer, as these materials resists moisture, wind and extreme temperatures. An outdoor kitchen allows meals to be cooked outside, similar to a barbecue, but with greater diversity, appliances and utensils.

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Masonry & Stone Work Design

Masonry and stone work design is a process which is carried out when buildings or similar structures are erected. It is an intricate procedure that includes the brick or stone laying within mortar and then smoothing it, along with delivering the materials to the construction site and other…



Pond water contains significant amounts of fish waste, which then comprises of nitrogen and other nutrients that are beneficial to plant health and growth. However, that nutrient-rich water can be detrimental to your fish if they are not replaced with fresh water on a frequent basis. To make the process of changing water easier, you may want to consider using the pond water to irrigate your garden.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Landscaping?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds has more than 7 years of experience building ponds, water gardens and other landscaping structures. Our experience extends to lighting, irrigation and even cutting edge technologies such as hydro-seeding. Whether you have a small yard that needs to be touched up, or a large estate which you use to grow vegetables or livestock, we have the staff, tools, experience and expertise that are needed to ensure the job is done correctly, within deadline and your budget. We will review your property and consult with you to come up with design solutions that are not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing. Contact us today!