Fish Lice

Anchor Worms & Fish Care

Have you seen tiny green or red worms attached to your fish? Or have you spotted ulcers on your fish? If so, this may be a case of anchor worms. Your fish may also look like they are having difficulties breathing as well as performing constant rubbing or flashing.


Bacteria & Fish Care

When your fish are having a bacterial infection, they will display a lack of appetite and appear lethargic. Their color may become pale, and it’s highly possible that you will see skin ulcers or skin hemorrhages on your fish. Although most bacterial infections can be treated effectively, you must not neglect the symptoms.

Fish Lice

Fish Lice & Other Parasites

If your fish seem to display heightened stress levels and constantly rub themselves against objects, this can mean that you have a case of fish lice in your pond. Fish lice will also cause fish to develop open wounds as well as tiny black or red spots on the skin.



Did you notice that a handful of fish has died simultaneously in your pond? Or have you noticed that your fish look stressed and have mucus-looking substance on their gills? Another telltale sign of fungal attacks is when your fish encounter a change in color (white, red or gray).

Skin Parasites


There are many symptoms that can point to the fact that skin parasites are hurting your fish. From lethargic-looking fish to frequent gill movements to ulcers and sores to a milky look on your fish, it’s possible that you are facing the possibility of skin parasites in your pond.



When you see that your fish have an enlarged spleen or kidney, develop lesions on their gills, display ascites, or a darker change in skin color, all these signs can point to a possible case of virus attack on your fish.

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