Landscape Lighting Questions To Ask Your Provider

Landscape lights is a complex endeavor that is multifaceted. Each system must be tailored to the specific desires of individual clients. As such, below are some questions that every property owner should ask their contractor prior to installing a landscape lighting system.

Inquire About The Maintenance Service

Most landscape lighting systems will need routine maintenance to remain effective. It is therefore recommended to inquire about the continual maintenance that will be required once the system is established, and how much it will cost. If the provider doesn’t understand the question, or worse, replies by saying that the system doesn’t require maintenance since the bulbs are LED based, this should be seen as a red flag.

Although LEDs are far more affordable an efficient than incandescent bulbs, this has not eliminated the need for periodic maintenance. Should your lighting system fail, getting it back online can be challenging, especially if it has not been maintained for a long period of time. Therefore, lighting maintenance is similar to automobile oil changes; the longer you go without doing it, the more costly it will be when you’re finally forced to.

Inquire About The Design

The design is what you and others will visualize and experience when the lights come on at night. If it isn’t dramatic and beautiful, what is the point of setting it up? Lighting is similar to art; each contractor will have their own unique style. It is essential for you to understand this before hiring them. Ask about their philosophy and design approach. A good contractor is one that seeks to understand the manner in which you experience your space, instead of trying to sell you a bunch of lights. They will look to install a system which is conducive to your interests.

Inquire About The Quality

No lighting system will function correctly over the long term if it consists of components and materials which are low in quality, that can’t withstand the outdoor elements. You should always examine lighting fixtures by hand, as opposed to just viewing them in a catalog. Does it feel sturdy or flimsy? The manner in which the object is engineered is extremely important. For instance, if it isn’t sealed, it won’t be able to keep out moisture, which is a real problem since moisture can damage systems which are low voltage. Therefore, the best fixtures are those made from metals which are non-ferrous, like brass or copper, as they will not corrode as time passes.

A great lighting system is based around three components, which are design, a maintenance system that can be employed long term to ensure the lights are always in an optimal state, and high quality fixtures which will last. Landscape lighting is a combination of art and science. It takes great creativity to illuminate a space in the right way, but technical know-how is necessary to ensure the system keeps running as it should.