Walkways provide a smooth path that you and visitors can use to enter and exit your home. It keeps people off the grass, and when it’s covered you don’t have to worry about salting or shoveling snow during winter.

What are Walkways?

A walkway is a path into and out of a home. It can be constructed from brick, stone or concrete, and is a common installation on lawns. Many property owners install them liberally, and they may go around the home, up and down a hill or through their garden. When a walkway is installed correctly, it is not only functional, but will boost the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Why Should You Get a Walkway?

A walkway will improve your home in many ways. Aside from the higher market value, anyone who visits will instinctually use the path that you’ve designated for them, as opposed to walking on your lawn or garden and trampling on your shrubs or plants. A walkway contributes to a clean floor inside the home as those who use it are less likely to bring in dirt, grime and mud. Those who visit your home wearing dress shoes or heels won’t want any dirt on them any more than you want dirt on your floor, so the walkway will benefit everyone.

A good walkway is made out of materials such as stone or brick which is simple to clean and maintain. These materials are also resistant to slipping, which means there is a low chance that visitors to your home will slip and fall down. In this day and age of frivolous lawsuits, the last thing you want is to get sued because a visitor fell down while entering or leaving your property.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Walkways?

Not only does Fitz’s Fish Ponds install new walkways, but we can perform maintenance on them as well. Walkways which are improperly installed will often be uneven and the edges will protrude from the frost heaves during winter. Some walkways also become ice encased, which is caused by improper drainage which leads to standing water which becomes frozen and remains in that condition for days. These are common problems that are seen in low quality and DIY walkway installation that Fitz’s Fish Ponds can address.

When installing your walkway we will ensure the ground is prepped. Many homeowners attempt to do it themselves and will remove some of the grass, perform leveling with their shovel and lay down pavers, but such an approach will ultimately fail, because the water will drain poorly and this will result in seepage beneath the solid surface that will gradually wear down the base or produce frost heaves during winter, causing the entire walkway to heave and buckle, When installing your walkway we will ensure it is done right the first time. We have a team of professionals who are qualified and experienced and you will be satisfied with the work they perform. Contact us today to learn more!