Retaining walls have been used since the dawn of civilization and have many functional and aesthetic purposes. They are exceptionally attractive, highly durable, and will add tremendous value to your home or property. For those that are environmentally aware, retaining walls are one of the most eco-friendly structures you can install.

What are Retaining Walls?

A retaining wall is an architectural structure which is designed to hold back the soil that is behind it. There are numerous materials that are used in their construction, with the most popular being timber, concrete blocks, boulders or poured concrete. They are typically used in situations where the landowner wants to change the ground elevation in a manner that is greater than the soil’s repose angle.

Why Should You Get Retaining Walls?

One of the primary reasons why many property owners install retaining walls is to prevent soil erosion. Erosion of soil can devastate landscapes, and is common in areas which have hills or which receive lots of rain. The retaining wall is the perfect defense in ensuring that the soil remains where it should be. Aside from this, they are also extremely low maintenance. Once they’ve been constructed, there is not much else the property owner has to do. Retaining walls are usually designed with concrete, brick or rock, materials that can withstand the elements for many years.

Retaining walls are also very strong. When they’re installed correctly, they can handle a tremendous amount of weights, to the tune of tons. They will usually offer a slope retention structure which will range from fifty to seventy degrees. As such, they can be used to save space and enhance the overall beauty of the landscape. When installing a retaining wall you won’t be limited by the design choices which are available. This is because in addition to the many rock variants that are sold on the market, there are also multiple construction methods. You have the option of constructing a gabion wall (which is a mesh that is stone filled) or you can construct a classical mortar and stone wall.

Many homeowners are now building their retaining walls from materials that are eco-friendly. Most property owners see their home as being an investment, regardless of whether they plan to sell it or not. A retaining wall is one of the best ways to boost its market value. This is because a home that has a retaining wall will not only look better, but the surrounding landscape will be protected against soil erosion.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Retaining Walls?

In recent years Fitz’s Fish Ponds has emerged as one of the most prominent landscaping contractors in the Tri-State area. Our ponds and water gardens are world class, but we have expanded our portfolio of services to include other architectural and landscaping services, which includes retaining walls. Installing these structures correctly requires serious and careful planning, and should only be performed by a professional. We have the tools, team and materials to produce a spectacular retaining wall for you that will last for generations. Contact us today to learn more!