Patios come standard in many homes, and there are a number of reasons for this. Aside from making the house look better, they provide a number of other benefits that have contributed to their popularity.

What are Patios?

The patio is an area which adjoins the house, which will usually be paved. In Spanish style homes it will appear in the form of an interior courtyard which is roof free and will be used for dining. Some patios will use a pergola and they will typically be paved with either stone or concrete materials. Homeowners may also add a variety of accessories and decorations, such as furniture, rugs and outdoor umbrellas. Patios differ from porches in that they can be detached or attached to the building. They also tend to be larger and provide greater versatility.

Patios come in many styles and options, with one of the most sought after being insulated patios. These patios are thick and robust and as their name suggests, provides differing levels of insulation, which range from 50 mm to 75 mm or 100 mm. Insulated patios keep out the heat during summer and will keep the area warmer during winter. The northeast is known for its hot summers and cold winters, so this means you want to put some thought into the way your patio is designed and installed.

Why Should You Get a Patio?

The patio is an ideal place for entertaining guests. It can be used to host get-togethers with your family or friends, to have a barbecue or party. Many families use their patios to celebrate holidays such as the 4th of July, New Year’s, Thanksgiving or birthdays. It moves the entertainment outside, which means that you’re in an open air environment which provides greater space.

Due to the popularity of patios, adding one to your home will increase its value. Many prospective buyers will avoid purchasing homes that don’t have the features or amenities they’re looking for, and a patio is one of the most common. If your home currently doesn’t have a patio and you plan to sell it, adding one can boost the sales value. Patios are also perfect for relaxation. This is because it allows you to enjoy the outdoors without being directly exposed to elements such as sunlight, rain or snow.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Patios?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds is New Jersey’s premier residential contractor, and our expertise is not just limited to ponds and water gardens. We can also assist you in designing and installing a new patio. Whether you want it built from scratch or you have an existing patio that is in need of repair or renovation, our team can redesign and structure it to your exact specifications. The patios we install only uses the highest quality, longest lasting materials which are perfectly adapted to the cold winters and hot summers which are common in the Tri-State area. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.