Popular Water Feature Trends That Are Still Going Strong

A growing number of residents both in urban and suburban areas are installing water features on their property. They are especially popular among eco-friendly individuals that want to add touches of Mother Nature in environments they feel are becoming overly urbanized. This has led to a number of water feature trends that have persisted in the recent years. Check out these water feature trends that are still going strong:

Bubbling Fountains

The bubbling fountain has become an important addition to water features, and this is largely due to the falling price tag. They might consist of something as simple as a boulder with a hole cut through it that water can move through, or a large collection of holes cut in stone. A growing number of people are also using bubbling fountains made of ceramics due to the vibrant colors this material is known for.

Sheet Waterfalls

Sheet waterfalls are arguably one of the hottest items available on the market right now. This is because they utilize a design which incorporates outdoor spaces that make use of bricks or blocks. Formal falls are quite popular as they are put inside a block wall which allows for a stunning waterfall with a pristine appearance. Some also utilize LEDs which make them a sight to behold in the evenings.

Rock Column Fountains

The rock column fountain is in high demand over the last few years because they are simple to maintain, but they are also more expensive due to their larger size. The rock column fountain will usually cost more than its bubbling counterpart, and they must be installed in groups of three in close proximity to each other. The water will travel into a gravel bed where it must then circulate through the columns once again.

The Pond Less Waterfall

These are also known as cascading waterfalls, and the water will move into a gravel bed after which it will be re-circulated to the waterfall’s zenith. Waterfalls with slow moving water are becoming more popular, as they stream down rather than crash. The slower moving waterfalls are catching on partly because they are more peaceful with shallow areas which make it easier for wildlife to drink safely.

Additional Things to Consider

These are just a few of the popular pond trends which have recently caught on. When designing a pond that you intend to add many water features, it is important to remember that bigger is better. The reason for this is because larger ponds are actually easier for you to make changes or upgrades according to new trends.

Another important tip is to think carefully about the type of plants you will add. It’s a nice touch that will make your water features stand out even more. Aquatic plants come in a variety of different colors and arranging them accordingly can make your water garden truly breathtaking. These plants also vary in the amount of sunlight and care they need so it is important to familiarize yourself with the different species you intend to add to complement your water features.

Ready to hop on a water feature trend? Just give us a call and let us show you what’s trending in the world of water features!