Blending Beauty and Balance: A Pond & Waterfall in Bethlehem, PA

In the heart of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a captivating pond project has recently been completed, creating a serene haven for both nature and human enjoyment. Our delighted team had the privilege of returning to a valued customer’s property for this ambitious endeavor, building upon the success of their front yard pond. This secondary pond project aimed to seamlessly blend nature with the comforts of human habitation, incorporating sustainable elements for a harmonious landscape.

The centerpiece of this project was the construction of a new pond, mirroring the elegance of the first. This addition provided cohesion to the outdoor space, offering a tranquil sitting area for visitors to bask in the surrounding beauty, a thoughtful touch absent from the front yard.

To further enhance both aesthetics and structural stability, a skillfully crafted retaining wall extended across the “steps” area, uniting both sides of the pond. This not only provided visual continuity but also ensured lasting stability throughout the landscape.

The newly designed waterfall, facing towards the backyard and pool area, closely emulates its predecessor. With its initial cascade, followed by spills, drops, and pools, it creates a mesmerizing visual effect from various vantage points. The choice of moss rock boulders for the coping, waterfall, and walls was deliberate, adding a natural touch to the design. River rocks adorned the pond walls, and the bottom was elegantly covered with 3/4″ river gravel, ensuring a seamless, natural appearance.

The filtration system employed in this pond project is top-notch. A new skimmer efficiently removes surface debris, complemented by a high-capacity 4000 GPH pump. Water flows through a 2″ PVC flex pipe to a new upflow filter falls, offering both biological and mechanical filtration. Additionally, a 30 Watt UV light was integrated to combat the growth of green water, ensuring pristine clarity.

To showcase the pond’s inhabitants and highlight the elegance of the waterfalls, a thoughtful lighting system was strategically implemented. Various 3 Watt and 1 Watt LED lights were positioned in the waterfall and pond, providing a soft, captivating glow that transforms the space into an enchanting visual display. This system operates efficiently through automation, utilizing a transformer and photocell for both convenience and energy conservation.

In the end, this project stands as a testament to the seamless integration of nature and human enjoyment. It’s a space where tranquility meets captivating design, offering an oasis for all who visit. We invite you to explore more of our projects and envision the possibilities for your own outdoor haven.


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