A waterfall can be a great way to enhance the look of your pond. Water circulation is a necessity for a healthy pond and the best way to achieve this is through the addition of streams and waterfalls. Fitz’s Fish Ponds can install and repair waterfalls, and we can make your pond look breathtaking while requiring only minimum maintenance.

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What is Waterfall Construction?

Waterfall construction involves the procedures and methods needed to install a waterfall in your pond or water garden. While we sometimes install waterfalls as purely decorative additions, they usually have secondary purposes such as adding, filtration and aeration to the pond. Waterfalls can utilize “filter falls” which act as a spillway and contain filter pads/biological media to filter the pond. Another method, which is our preferred method, Is to install one or more pooling areas to create “bog filters”. Bog filters utilize plants to filter water naturally. They also require less maintenance than filter falls and give the waterfall a more natural look. The downside is that bogs require a much larger surface area than a filter falls to achieve similar results.

Construction begins by taking into account the ponds construction and surrounding landscape. Our goal is to find a spot where the waterfall will be functional, look good, and provide great viewing angles from the clients home. We then determine the size of the waterfall, and materials that will be used to build it. In most situations we build the waterfall proportionate to the size of the pond, and use the same or similar material, making them seamlessly integrate with each other. After determining the design of the pond we will begin excavation. We build retaining walls for areas that need to be elevated, and contour the ground adding drops, turns, and shelves for rocks. After shaping we add underlayment and the waterfall liner. For existing ponds, we remove any rocks where the waterfall will be entering and overlap the pond liner with the new waterfall liner. This ensures water will make it into the pond without leaking. We then add our spillway rocks, and edging, adding expanding foam where necessary to direct the water where we want it. After all is said and done you will be left with a gorgeous and functional addition to your pond.

Why Should You Get Waterfall Construction?

Waterfalls do more than just make your pond look attractive, they can be crucial for aeration and the circulation of water. Your plants and fish won’t thrive in water that is stagnant and lacks movement. Without streams and waterfalls it is simply not possible for a quality pond to exist. Flowing water is the essence of life and it is that sound of flowing water that drive many people to want a waterfall for themselves.

At the same time, correctly installing a waterfall takes skill. You must purchase and size a pump, taking into account the total head pressure of the waterfall and pump. Many people undersize their pumps, or purchase low head pressure models, ending up with a trickle. Installing the plumbing and liner correctly is also crucial to prevent problems in the future. These are just a few challenges you may encounter without having experience in waterfall construction.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Waterfall Construction?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds has tremendous expertise when it comes to the construction and maintenance of ponds. For more than 7 years, we’ve designed ponds for a variety of different clients, and we are adept at waterfall selection, construction and maintenance. We will consult with you in order to determine what you’re looking for, and will make recommendations regarding the best way to achieve it. Our customers choose us because they know we’ll get the job done for a price that won’t break the bank. Contact Fitz’s Fish Ponds today to learn more!