The time may come where your water feature is experiencing problems, falling apart, or just doesn’t look how you imagined it would. Instead of filling it in or building a completely new feature, Fitz’s Fish Ponds can renovate it and give it a complete makeover. Examples of water feature renovation include replacing the liner, increasing a ponds size, adding waterfalls, adding rock, updating filtration and countless other changes. Fitz’s Fish Ponds can perform renovations whenever the water features are subject to damage or wear, or when you simply decide that you want a different aesthetic look and feel to the pond. Regardless, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to the different approaches you can take.

What is Water Feature Renovation?

Water feature renovation involves various changes you can make to your pond or water garden. This can include installing LED lights, a new water fountain, pump or filter. You could add new species of fish, add new plants to enhance filtration, or install a new skimmer. Many ponds will also feature various types of stone or rocks, and you could add new stones for aesthetic or practical purposes.

Another common renovation which is performed on ponds is increasing either the width and or the depth of the pond. You could modify the shape and length of streams, or add an intake bay so that the pond’s mechanical filtration is improved. Many pond owners like to add crossings such as stepping stones or a bridge so they can walk near the pond giving them a great view of the plants or fish within.

Why Should You Get Water Feature Renovation?

Renovations may be performed for practical or aesthetic reasons, usually a mixture of both. People renovate their ponds for the same reasons they renovate their homes – because they are looking for a new look. There are an infinite number of designs and possibilities for pond design, and many pond owners don’t want to maintain the same look for years on end. Renovation allows them to experiment with new types of plants, fish, stones, water liners and other equipment.

Advances in technology have greatly expanded the possibilities for pond design. Ponds are subject to wear and tear over time and sometimes it is better to simply replace water features as opposed to repairing them. Performing renovations can also make the ponds more beautiful and safe for the plants and animals that reside within it.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Water Feature Renovation?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds has extensive expertise in all things that are pond related. This includes pond design, construction and maintenance. No pond owner wants water features in their pond that are damaged or leaking, and we can evaluate your pond to see areas for improvement as well as providing consultation on various renovation ideas you can implement.

Some of the renovations that we can perform include replacing your plumbing line, detecting leaks, installing LEDs, fixing auto-fill problems, and dealing with issues related to winter settling. We not only understand ponds, but we understand the plants and fish that reside in them. In addition, we will make sure the water features you want to renovate are compatible with your pond. We can also patch your pond liners and streams and repair the connections for the biofall liner. Contact Fitz’s Fish Ponds today to learn more!