When constructing an ecosystem pond, we advise our clients to build a pond significantly larger than a water garden. The larger the pond, the easier it will be to create a healthy environment for the fish that will be added. Unlike a water garden, an ecosystem pond utilizes fish, and other aquatic creatures to eventually create a completely sustained ecosystem. Every pond construction project must be planned based on the features you intend to add, and you’ll also need to take into consideration the type of aquatic life that will reside in it. These are all things our team will help you with during the design phase.

What is Ecosystem Pond Construction?

Ecosystem pond construction involves the steps and methods that are used to build a pond and its ecosystem. Such a pond will consider what Mother Nature can offer so that an effective and functioning ecosystem is set in place. We will use a variety of plants and other aquatic life with the goal of creating a balanced ecosystem where the pond and creatures living in it are able to take care of themselves. We start with plants for biological filtration, and then add small creatures such as snails and crayfish, to help breakdown waste. We will then add small fish such as minnows and go all the way up to larger fish such as koi and catfish. Over time if monitored correctly, all of the creatures and plants will feed off each other and continue to reproduce, creating a sustainable ecosystem.

While the goal is to create a natural, self sustaining ecosystem, water circulation and filtration is a necessity. Natural ponds with thriving ecosystems have streams or springs that are constantly feeding them fresh water. Most man-made ponds do not have this luxury. We will install pumps to circulate the pond’s water through biological and/or mechanical filtration systems. After the water is filtered it is then re-enters the pond through a waterfall or stream. Having a waterfall or stream also oxygenates the water which is crucial for your fish to survive. Depending on the location, size, and aquatic life in the pond, we will recommend one of multiple different filtration options that are available to you.

Why Should You Consider Ecosystem Pond Construction?

Hiring a professional to construct your ecosystem pond will ensure it’s the right size and depth. We will work with you to lay out the pond’s shape, size, look, and functionality. We are based in New Jersey so we are skilled in building ponds which are winter resistant, and low maintenance. Many of our customers have very busy lives, so our goal is to minimize maintenance and maximize time enjoying the pond.

A common mistake which is made by amateurs who attempt to build ecosystem ponds themselves is making them too small. Larger ponds provide greater stability and they are much easier to maintain. Judging the right size pond to construct for your yard or land takes considerable experience, and mistakes in construction can be extremely tedious and costly.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Ecosystem Pond Construction?

Creating a beautiful ecosystem pond is no easy task. Fitz’s Fish Ponds specializes in pond construction and has been in the business for years. We give considerable thought on how to create a healthy ecosystem by tapping on filtration, recirculation, fish, aquatic life, as well as rock and gravel. We will also consult with our clients and make recommendations on the best places to add their ponds, as well as which types of fish and plants will work best. Pond construction for us is an art, and one we’re passionate about. Contact us today and we’ll construct a masterpiece for you!