Natural stone is one of the most beautiful and long lasting materials on Earth. It is for this reason that so many property owners choose it as an addition to their outdoor landscapes, often in the form of boulder formations. Each formation is completely unique and there are infinite possibilities, which make them perfect for those that want their property to stand out.

What are Boulder Formations?

A boulder formation is a collection of stone pieces which are arranged artistically in an outdoor and sometimes indoor space. They are inherently unpredictable, which means that no matter how much you delineate the boulders for the plan, the final rocks which are used probably won’t resemble the exact shapes you imagined. This is normal as no two boulders are exactly alike, which means they must be selected and positioned properly in the landscape. A sketch should be seen as nothing more than a suggestion and it is up to the contractor to position the stones in a manner which is most aesthetically pleasing.

Why Should You Get Boulder Formations?

Boulder formations will bring natural beauty to your landscape, while making it completely unique. They are somewhat of a status symbol, as obtaining the boulders and transporting and installing them on the landscape is expensive. Every piece must be used in the most advantageous way, and there are numerous components which will determine their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

A great bolder formation will be compatible with your existing architecture and landscape. In the United States alone, there are hundreds of stone variations which exist, not to mention the many construction materials. The correct choice is one which complements your home and the surrounding landscape. Most of the boulder formations that are used on properties are acquired through water courses, which mean that they’re grey and round, and won’t provide much visual interest.

By contrast, a boulder which is iron stained and has patches of moss or lichen will give the impression that it has been on your property for a long period of time. Whenever rock and masonry is used in a landscape, it is important for a similar look to be maintained, so that a more integrated design is showcased. Boulder formations are exceptionally heavy, which is one of the reasons why they are so costly to install. This means that when setting them up you should do so using local stone. Local boulders are much more affordable than those from the other side of the country.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Boulder Formation?

Installing a border formation involves more than simply moving rocks around. It is a combination of art and science, one that Fitz’s Fish Ponds understand well. We frequently work with boulder formations when helping our clients install ponds or water gardens, but we also install them standalone. We will make sure the boulders are safely and securely brought to your properly and we will work closely with you to ensure that they are positioned to your liking. Contact us today!