Excavating is an important part of construction and landscaping. It involves the preparation of the site where the building will be constructed, the movement of dirt, rocks and debris and the evaluation of the area to determine if it’s qualified for construction within the requirements of local building codes.

What is Excavating?

Excavating is the procedures, tools and materials used to prepare a plot of land for the construction of a building. The site must be prepared, dirt must be removed and heavy equipment must be brought in. Those who perform excavation work are typically subcontractors whose task is one part of a larger project. They will usually be employed by general contractors who will be responsible for making bids and coordinating the deadline and pay for the project.

Excavating is a diverse skillset and can involve the construction of sewers, ponds, roads, or ditches that can be used for gas and water lines. It also includes the usage of trenchers which are used to install pipes which are flexible underneath the ground, which removes the need to dig a ditch. Farmers will often hire excavators to install terraced drainage systems on their farm land and they can also construct earthen dams.

Why Should You Get Excavating Services?

Excavating ensures that any building constructed on a site has a solid foundation. It also ensures that the building is constructed within local building codes. It is an important service for those that have existing homes and who want to add a basement, pond or swimming pool, all of which will require digging and the removal of dirt. Excavators will perform a survey, which is essential as it will measure the boundaries of the building and lot. The contractor will then level the soil to the point which is necessary for the foundation.

Firmness of soil is extremely important in excavation, and contractors will perform various compaction tests in order to determine suitability. The requirements for a dig are always high precision, so a transit and level will be used for matching the grade which the surveying crew posts. Once the contractor pours the stem wall and footers, the excavation team will then backfill around the foundation. Excavators spend lots of time moving sand, dirt and gravel, as well as transporting materials that will be used to construct the building. Other specialized tools that they use include air compressors, power equipment and a variety of pumps.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Excavating?

We have the experience, tools and expertise needed to perform excavation the way you want. We will use backhoes, trenchers, bulldozers and compactors to ensure the construction site is prepared. Additionally, we will handle the business side of things, helping you with estimates and bids so that you’ll get the most competitive rate for the work we perform. Excavation is a process that requires site requirements that are very specific and which must be performed with accuracy. Our team will work within these guidelines while remaining in compliance with local regulatory codes.