Tom Swinarsky

Colts Neck Retail Manager

Tom joined Fitz’s Fish Ponds in March of 2021. Starting in the Fairfield store, Tom grew his roots and began taking on more developmental parts of the company. Tom took his prior big box retail management knowledge to help guide FFP into more standardized operating procedures and continue the growth of our retail stores!

In fall of 2021, Tom began to coordinate, plan and design FFPs newest store in Colts Neck, NJ. Tom now continues as the Colts Neck Store Manager where you can find him always smiling and willing to help!

Tom loves building relationships and rapport with our customers and welcomes everyone to the FFP family! Combining his customer engagement skills and his love for the hobby, he continues to impress customers with his vast knowledge in koi, koi food, filtration, water parameters and fish health.

In his spare time you can probably find Tom doing something cold related, whether it be playing ice hockey or starting a snowball fight! Tom will argue that winter is the best season, and that’s not up for debate!

Specialty Interests
  • Ice hockey Ice hockey