Why Quality O-rings are Important

O-rings are the small rubber rings that can be seen on the pond filter or pump. They act as a seal which ensures the pump is both water and airtight. However, if the o-ring is low in quality or faulty, it can deteriorate rapidly which will result in seal leaks.

How Do O-rings Work?

O-rings are primarily responsible for stopping water from getting inside your pond aerator or pump. They also prevent water from leaving the filters. They do this through the creation of a seal among two components which is leakage proof, which stops water or even air from getting through. The two components will typically be pushed tightly together, and the o-ring will be positioned between their grooves. O-rings are designed with a specialized rubber that can be squeezed and which also uses muscle memory.  Therefore, an o-ring can be compressed among two parts, and then expand as needed to fill up gaps.

It is the compression that brings about a tight seal, and whenever the two components become separated the o-ring should always resume its initial shape, which makes it ideal for any environment which is high pressure. O-rings are used in various types of pond equipment because they are the simplest way to create a seal that is water tight, whether it is in a pump, filter or fountain. The only alternative to an o-ring is a foam or liquid seal, which are tough to install due to the drying and precision that is needed.

O-ring Maintenance

Lubrication is the most important aspect of maintaining o-rings. These rings usually deteriorate slowly, and you want to identify and address the damage before leakage occurs. Lubrication shields the ring from damage resulting from cuts, pinches and cracks. It results in a seal that is tighter and which will extend the ring’s longevity overall. The best lubrication is dependent on the type of material which comprises the o-ring, so once you know it you can visit your local hardware store and find the most optimal lubricant. Pond pumps should also be winterized and prevented from freezing as this will result in the o-ring becoming cracked.

The good news is that in the event the o-ring is damaged beyond repair, they are both simple and affordable to replace. They come in numerous sizes and shapes, which make it essential to ensure you have the right part, especially if you’re ordering it online. To replace the ring, you will first need to take apart your pond pump, extract the damaged o-ring, and then put in the replacement. Few pond owners like doing maintenance, but it is essential to catch small problems before they become bigger ones, which are more difficult and costly to resolve.  O-rings are one of the most important components you can own, and understanding it, and how to install, lubricate and replace it, will ensure that your pond operates in tip top condition for many years to come.