Top Koi Fish Breeds You Can Find At Fitz’s Fish Ponds

Fitz’s Fish Ponds has its very own farm located in Milford, NJ. In this farm, we house our Koi fish, keep products like our Evolution Aqua and Bermuda products store construction equipment. The fish that we breed at the farm are available for purchase for retail customers as well as wholesale customers. We have dedicated three greenhouses to our aquatic plants and Japanese Koi.

One of the greenhouses is used to help fish get used to the new water and environment after they have been imported from Japan. Larger fish that are up to 34 inches long are housed in another greenhouse. Our Koi fish come from the most talented breeders in Japan. Read on to find out about the top Koi fish breeds you can find at Fitz’s Fish Ponds.

Asagi Koi Fish

Asagi Koi fish is one of the most classic and beautiful breeds of Koi fish. It is also one of the oldest breeds. As it is one of the more common blue-scaled koi, you may have seen this Koi fish around before.

Features of the Asagi Koi fish include blue scales that are non-metallic, with diamond-like scale patterns. The patches of red coloration can often be found on the belly, gill plates and tail. They can also be found on the dorsal fin of the koi. As the Koi ages, the red patches may sometimes spread. The red hue of Asagi Koi leans more towards a rust color than a bright red. In Asagi Koi, red eyes and lighter blue scales are preferred. The colors of Asagi Koi’s scales will also grow deeper and more intense as the fish ages.

Showa Koi Fish

Sometimes, Showa Koi fish are mistaken for Sanke Koi fish. As compared to Sanke Koi fish, Showa Koi fish usually have a black ground color and have markings that are red and white. The black ground color is usually dark and glossy. White markings on the Showa Koi fish create a dramatic contrast when it appears on its black ground color. The red patches on Showa Koi also stand out as there is a lot of contrast between the bright red and the duller black and white. The more preferred color is an orange-red, but this color is harder to cultivate. Adding Showa Koi fish to your pond can help to add a pop of color and make your pond more beautiful.

Kohaku Koi Fish

Kohaku is regarded as a regal breed due to it being the first breed to develop two colors. Ideally the Kohaku fish has a white body with red patches. The red patches sometimes has a purple tint to it and rarely fades even with age, and sometimes has an orange-red color which is more challenging to cultivate and maintain. With the orange red color, crisp lines can be seen between the red and white of the fish. Fish with orange-red patches are more desired due to the difficulty in achieving this stunning color.

Utsuri Koi Fish

Utsuri Koi fish have two colors- black and white. The white skin should have a healthy and subtle sheen while the black should be dark and healthy. The Utsuri fish is typically black with white markings, and ideally appears balanced between the two colors. Recently, fishes that are predominant in white are getting more popular due to modern taste.

For Utsuri Koi fish, their appearance can be affected by the type of water they are kept in. They thrive in hard, alkaline water and softer, acidic water causes them to develop a grayish tinge.

If you are interested in purchasing Koi fish to keep in your pond, Fitz’s Fish Ponds has a wide range of high quality fish for you to choose from. Visit us to check out our range of Koi fish breeds today!