The Fitz’s Fish Ponds Team Returns to Japan’s Koi Capital for the 2023 Fall Harvest
The Fitz’s Fish Ponds team recently concluded their highly successful 4th Koi Fall Harvest Trip to the Yamakoshi Mountains in Niigata, Japan. Led by CEO Brian Fitzsimmons, Retail Manager Ryan Cardillo, and Director of Koi Sales & Marketing AJ Mandell, this journey marked a return to normalcy for the team after the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Exclusive Access to Renowned Koi Farms

Teaming up with Tim Waddington of Quality Nishikigoi, the group had the privilege of visiting esteemed koi farms, including Kano Koi Farm, Shinoda Koi Farm, Marusei Koi Farm, Maruhiro Koi Farm, Yagenji Koi Farm, Kawakami Koi Farm, Shintaro Koi Farm, Maruhide Koi Farm, Chogoro Koi Farm, Hiroi Koi Farm, Yamasan Koi Farm, Miyatora Koi Farm, Kaneko Koi Farm, Oya Koi Farm, Marudo Koi Farm, Wada Koi Farm, Koda Koi Farm, Otsuka Koi Farm, Aoki Koi Farm, Marusaka Koi Farm, Ikarashi Koi Farm, Sekiguchi Koi Farm, and MORE. The team actively participated in harvests, working alongside experts to extract exquisite Go Sanke from mud ponds.

Hand-Picked Selections

Employing a meticulous approach, the team strategically timed their visits to coincide with breeders’ returns from harvests. This ensured they had the first pick of recently harvested koi, securing only the finest specimens for their customers.

Awe-Inspiring Varieties

The trip unveiled a breathtaking array of koi varieties, from Hi Utsuri and Shiro Utsuri to Showa and Sanke. Rare finds such as Tancho Goshiki, Ochiba, and Kumonryu were also encountered. With an extensive network, Fitz’s Fish Ponds is set to bring some of the most impressive koi back to the states.

Cultural Exploration

Beyond koi farms, the team immersed themselves in Japanese culture, attending two Koi Shows in Nagaoka. FFP’s customer even won Best in Size at one of the shows, a testament to the quality of their selections. The team explored koi gardens, ancient temples, shrines, attended a bullfight, and toured museums. Ryan Cardillo ensured customers experienced the ultimate nightlife.

Stay Tuned for Exciting News: Koi Shipment Day

The journey doesn’t end with the conclusion of the trip. Fitz encourages everyone to stay tuned for more news about the koi shipment. If you’re interested in checking out the stunning koi or joining the next Koi Trip, contact AJ at 908-301-4722.

Your Dream Koi, Sourced Directly from Japan

Fitz’s Fish Ponds offers you the chance to have your dream koi sourced directly from Japan. With around 20 customers hosted during the trip, the team ensures that enthusiasts can choose from the highest quality koi in the world.

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The 2023 Fall Harvest Trip was a remarkable experience for the Fitz’s Fish Ponds team and their customers, bringing back not just stunning koi but also unforgettable memories of Japanese culture. As they continue to provide exclusive access to the world of koi, Fitz’s Fish Ponds remains a leader in sourcing top-tier koi directly from the Koi capital of the world.

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Gratitude and Recognition: Expressing gratitude to customers and the FFP team back home, Brian Fitzsimmons gave a massive shoutout to Tim Waddington, AJ Mandell, and Ryan Cardillo – the Koi Trips team. Their hard work made the trip possible, allowing Fitz’s Fish Ponds to continue offering top-tier koi to enthusiasts.