Project Spotlight: “The Formal”: A Koi Showcase

This formal, dedicated koi pond took us out to Fort Lee, New Jersey where our hardscaping team had an incredible opportunity to showcase our sleek stonework. We designed and constructed a formal pond with a grand fountain filtration house as well as a matching outdoor kitchen. The customer’s sole request was to showcase their prized koi without distraction. This customer has some large high quality koi that are are truly works of art and deserve the attention this pond gives them.


One of the challenges of this project was the water maintenance. We needed to rely heavily on technology in order to come up with a flawless filtration system to maintain water quality and create an environment that does not require an annual pond draining. In order to keep the pond appearing crystal clear, we had to find ways to remove all organic waste and solids. We did this by cleaning the pond via skimmers and bottom drains. Once the solid waste was removed and separated from the water column, clear water was processed in the bio-filter, and then run through a UV clarifier and returned to the pond.

The key in keeping this pond showcase ready is tat it requires 15-30 minutes of maintenance each week and utilizes four bottom drains with mid level intakes and returns. We used settlement tanks, UV lights, and pressure filters for optimal water clarity.

Due to the mass amount of filtration that it takes to keep this pond crystal clear, a decorative fountain filtration house was designed utilizing a stone veneer. Columns and crisp waterfall spillways were added to enhance the elegance of the structure. A built in above ground quarantine tank was also included to make this stunning design extremely functional as well. To outline the perimeter of the pond, a retaining wall as built utilizing capstones to add seating around the entire pond. The hardscaping that surrounds this pond transforms the look and feel of the space and shows a depth to the type of work we can produce at Fitz’s Fish Ponds.

There’s only one thing to make a backyard featuring a pond like this complete and that is coupling it with a full outdoor kitchen and bar. In order to integrate the desires of this customer it was imperative to match the stone veneer used in the creation of the filtration house and retaining wall with the stone utilized in the construction of the kitchen. This outdoor kitchen features two grills, two refrigerators and a custom brick pizza oven. A raised bar with additional seating and granite countertops that match the style of the home and stone veneer were added to finalize this charming outdoor living and entertainment space.


This project took great efforts from both our pond construction team and our landscape and design team. The cohesive nature of the hardscaping that flows through the yard from the pond to the stonework throughout is elegant and inviting.


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