Pond Maintenance Tips For The Summer Season

If you have a garden you will know there is a lot of hard work involved to keep it looking its best. The same is true of pond, although the work is much less. A few sessions of pond maintenance will ensure you reap the rewards of your pond throughout the summer months ahead.

Does Your Pond Smell?

If your pond smells, then you may need to clean it up. There can be a few reasons why it smells. For instance, it may have dead vegetation. If that is the case, then clear the old leaves and dead matter away. Some people use a pump and filtration system to keep their pond water clear, but if you don’t have this, then you will need to ensure the balance of plants is correct to keep the water clear. If your pond has water lilies you should clear these away as soon as they start to decay, otherwise the nitrogen content in the pond will increase as will sediment in the bottom.

Low Pond Water Level

As the sun starts to come out it will affect the water level of your pond. You may find that you need to top it up regularly, to prevent it drying out altogether. This will keep the oxygenating plants healthy too, which in turn will ensure your fish have enough nutrients they need. The best way to top it up is with rainwater collected in a water butt if at all possible. If you do not have a water butt, then the best way to use tap water is to leave it outside in the sun to warm up a little before adding to the pond.

Remove Pond Algae And Oxygenators

Ponds can accumulate a lot of algae, which can spread very quickly once the sun starts to shine, so ensure you remove it regularly. You should also keep an eye on the number of oxygenating plants during your pond maintenance, as these should not fill more than a third of the pond, although they are essential, they do have a tendency to take over. You can use algaecides to clean up the algae, but it is advised to only use these if the pond is really overrun with an algae problem.

Increase Oxygen In Your Pond

An aeration pump can greatly improve the amount of oxygen in your pond and your fish will love you for it as it works to keep their environment oxygen-rich. If you do decide to use an aeration pump in your pond, it would be a good idea to also add a biological filter. These will help to break the toxic waste.

Do Not Overfeed Your Fish!

Although fish do become a lot more active during the warmer months, and they will take a little extra food, be sure not to overfeed them. Otherwise any uneaten food will start to accumulate at the bottom of the pond. To ensure your fish get the right amount of food, why not consider an automatic feeder. These will dispense just the right amount of food for your fish.

Chemical Filtration

If you do have a filtration system in your pond, you will find it works tirelessly to remove pollutants. By adding a chemical filtration, you can help your filtration system to keep the water healthy.