Koi Fish Care Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Water garden enthusiasts prefer adding Koi fish to their pond because they are extremely low maintenance and survive just about any climatic conditions. More so, these underwater creatures are a beautiful addition to a water garden and they are the most favourite type of fish because of their quirky and comedic personalities.

With proper fish care, Koi fish can thrive almost anywhere. However, there are a few practices that are harmful to the Koi fish and can lead to death. There are a few mistakes you need to avoid if you are looking to have a long and harmonious relationship with your fish. The most common mistakes to avoid that could lead to Koi fish death include:

Poor Water Quality

The main leading cause of Koi fish death is poor water quality. You need to have your pond water regularly tested, invest in proper filtration systems and maintain your pond from time to time. Doing this will improve the quality of your pond water.


Just like all other living organisms, Koi fish are prone to developing a parasitic infection. However, it is hard to know when there is a problem until your fish starts to exhibit symptoms. The good news is that you can easily treat your fish using a controlled regimen of anti-parasitic medication. Observe your fish from time and check for fish that is not thriving. If you notice that some fish have lost their color vibrancy, are not feeding properly or are listless, you need to check them for parasites before they get severe infection.


During the cold season, Koi fish tend to rest at the bottom of ponds to allow their bellies have prolonged contact with the substrate. If you have Koi fish or plan to add them in your pond, avoid using rocks or gravel to line the bottom of your pond. Rough surfaces can cause ulcers on their bellies leading to infections. Ensure your pond’s bottom is smooth.


Just because you have a pond in your home compound does not mean that there are no predators around looking to get a quick meal from your it. It could be the birds that lurk around or frogs hoping about or even the feline from your neighbour’s compound that could be a threat to the survival of your Koi fish. It helps to add security measures around your pond to keep predators away. Invest in a bird net or fence to keep hungry animals away.

Lack Of Oxygen

If your pond is not well balanced in terms of plants and fish available, soon it will lead to lack of enough oxygen. Naturally, as Koi fish grow in size, they use up more oxygen. You need to ensure you have enough aquatic plants to offer a steady supply of oxygen. You can also invest in other artificial oxygen sources to avoid oxygen deprivation.


It goes without saying; you should never introduce toxic substances in your pond. However, during heavy rains, pesticide from your lawn can find its way to the pond killing fish instantly. Ensure your pond is properly constructed to minimize the amount of runoff water getting into it. You can also construct a drainage system to divert runoff water from your pond.