Fitz Explores Global Koi Keeping & Meets an Aquatic Vet in Bali, Indonesia

Earlier this year, CEO of Fitz’s Fish Ponds, Brian Fitzsimmons traveled across the world to continue expanding his knowledge of global koi keeping. During his travels he visited many Koi Farms in Bali, Indonesia and even got to meet Dr.Handi, an Aquatic Veterinarian in Indonesia who cares for koi throughout. He flew from Jakarta to Bali to meet Fitz and tour some koi farms with him. Dr. Handi has a koi business himself, he not only travels from dealer to dealer treating koi when needed, but he also sells koi and builds ponds as well.

The owner Wiguna Koi Farm also breeds koi himself. He has parent koi from the Japanese breeders Momotaro & Omasako. He has been able to produce some really beautiful Shiro Utsuri tosai and nisai that have grown to 24 inches. In order to keep the water clean and clear they do a lot of water changes and they backwash the filters at least once a week.

One of the things Fitz loves to do is learn about how koi is kept on an international level. He builds relationships with dealers and hobbyists all over the world and brings back his knowledge to our home at FFP.