Fabulous Hardscape Feature in Flemington, NJ!

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Flemington, NJ, a hardscaping masterpiece awaits, crafted by the skilled artisans of FFP Landscapes and Stonework. This project spotlight unveils the captivating transformation of a residential space, featuring an exquisite blend of functionality, beauty, and meticulous craftsmanship. From the sleek pool patio to the versatile bluestone patio to the enchanting herb garden, every element harmoniously comes together to create an outdoor oasis.

The Poolside Entertainment Space!

The project features a captivating living area beneath the pre-existing deck. A large-size porcelain patio and an inlaid walkway, designed with BLU 60 Larger Size Slate pattern, grace the pool area. For the living area patio, natural bluestone repurposed from the existing patio was meticulously arranged in alternating rows. The installation of smooth dark gray extra-thick pavers in a flush setting creates an inviting access way.

In addition, two elegant sitting walls frame the multi-purpose bluestone patio, serving as both functional seating and stylish design elements. These walls, constructed with smooth stone blocks and topped with Onyx Limestone Capstones, add a touch of sophistication to the overall ambiance. Taking creativity to new heights, the team also constructed a natural stone bar counter beneath the deck, featuring smooth dark block walls and an exquisite Onyx Limestone Bar Countertop.

It’s All About the Base!

FFP Landscapes and Stonework commenced this project with unwavering attention to detail. The foundation was laid using extra-thick paver edges, set in a concrete footing, encompassing all exposed patio edges. Employing the hybrid method patio base installation, the team utilized geotextile woven fabric underlayment, multiple layers of clean gravel, and a 3/8″ bedding layer, ensuring a sturdy and resilient base for the patios. Furthermore, a meticulous jointing process with NITRO Jointing Sand was employed, ensuring precise and durable joints throughout.

The project further includes a robust concrete wall with rebar reinforcement and PVC sleeved drain holes to combat hydrostatic pressure. A monolithic pour of 4500 psi concrete forms a durable foundation wall. A synthetic turf extension, spanning 70 feet, creates a seamless transition from the porcelain patio to the fence line. Additionally, an extra bluestone patio with block support walls serves as an ideal space for garden planters.

Herb and Vegetable Garden

A true horticultural delight awaits in the form of a vegetable and herb garden, seamlessly extending the patio. With three raised planters constructed from milled wood, aluminum-lined sides, and a woven fabric base lining, the garden offers the perfect environment for flourishing produce. A custom potting table and a stone bench add both practicality and charm to the space, creating a tranquil retreat for gardening enthusiasts.

Illuminating the Night

A high-quality LED low-voltage lighting system illuminates the space, transforming the evening ambiance into a captivating visual symphony. Ten undermount light fixtures set beneath the stone caps of the sitting walls and bar counter cast a warm glow, while five modern cylindrical hanging fixtures suspended along the fence line add a touch of modern elegance.

Creative Storage Solutions

To maximize functionality, PVC exterior boards were employed to create a storage area beneath the deck stair area. PT lumber frames were wrapped in whiteboard for a clean and polished look. The area includes all necessary materials, a door, hardware, synthetic turf flooring, and professional installation.

FFP Landscapes and Stonework have crafted an exquisite hardscaping masterpiece in Flemington, NJ, transforming a residential space into a haven of elegance and functionality. With their unwavering commitment to quality and artistry, the team has created a harmonious blend of outdoor living spaces, from the pool patio to the multi-purpose bluestone patio and the enchanting vegetable and herb garden. This project stands as a testament to the endless possibilities that unfold when craftsmanship and design converge to create truly remarkable outdoor experiences.