Irrigation and rainwater harvesting are techniques that have existed since ancient times. Today it has become popular among environmentalists and other enthusiasts as an alternative to landscape irrigation. Fitz’s Fish Ponds incorporates a variety of irrigation and rainwater harvesting techniques into its pond and water feature construction.

What is Irrigation & Rainwater Harvesting?

Irrigation and rainwater harvesting involves the collection, processing and usage of rainwater. When it rains, the water will be captured via runoff when the water moves from a roof into the gutter, where it will then be transferred into a storage unit like a cistern. The water is then stored until it is needed for irrigation, drinking or other tasks. Rainwater should always be treated prior to drinking to ensure it is potable and safe to consume.

The systems that we can design for you range from simple barrels beneath the bottom of your roof downspout to highly complex systems that require pumps, water treatment and storage tanks. Rain barrels are extremely affordable to procure, and some utility companies give them away for free as an incentive for water conservation. Rain water harvesting is ideal for people with gardens, greenhouses, farms, water features, and basically anything else that requires water!

Why Should You Get Irrigation & Rainwater Harvesting?

Irrigation and rainwater harvesting provides numerous benefits to your property. You get high quality untreated water which is perfect for the irrigation of plants, or to refill a water feature with chlorine free water. You can reduce or eliminate runoff from storm water which can prevent flooding and erosion on your property, as well as reducing the pollution and erosion of nearby waterways and creeks. You are gaining an alternative and potentially vast source of water which can become critical in areas prone to drought. These systems are perfect for places that receive lots of rain, but are even more desirable in locations that do not.

The water savings you gain from an irrigation and rainwater harvesting system will depend on three key factors. These are the storage capacity of your unit, rainfall seasonality and the catchment area. A roof which is over 1400 square feet can collect over 900 gallons of water from rainfall which is one inch. At the same time, the yield may be less. Rainfall can also be utilized in places where it is seasonal, but you will need a storage unit which is exceptionally large so that you can collect enough water to last for the duration of the dry season.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Irrigation & Rainwater Harvesting?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds has considerable expertise in irrigation & rainwater harvesting. We can provide various irrigation methods, including drip irrigation, automatic irrigation or manual irrigation. The systems we build for you can be simple or they can be complex, whatever your needs may be. We also act as consultants, evaluating your property and making recommendations on the best types of irrigation systems to employ. Our prices are reasonable and our customer service is superb. Contact Fitz’s Fish Ponds today to learn more about irrigation and rainwater harvesting!