As important as trees are to the eco-system, there are times in which they will need to be removed. While environmentalists would scoff at the idea that there is any circumstance in which tree removal is necessary, there are very good reasons for why a property owner would want it done.

What is Tree Removal?

Tree removal is a technical process that requires a skilled contractor, as they can pose a hazard to anyone nearby when they fall over and have roots which extend into the ground. Tree removal can make your landscape more aesthetically pleasing, and can reduce the chance of damage to nearby buildings. Furthermore, it can allow other species of trees nearby to mature and grow. While tree removal is frowned upon by many, it should only be done in circumstances where a tree is interfering with the health of other trees in its proximity, or when its presence causes problems with utility lines, driveways or buildings.

Why Should You Get Tree Removals?

Tree removal, when done correctly, keeps your landscape clean. This is because trees which become overgrown will shed a lot of leaves, particularly during fall, and having a bunch of dead leaves on the ground will make the landscape look unsightly. Worse, if you have a pond or water garden nearby, and the leaves land in it, they will rapidly cause the water to deteriorate as they decay which can threaten any fish, plants or flowers which are present. There are also many species of rodents, insects and other pests which thrive in dry tree bark and can cause problems on your property.

A second reason for removing trees is the saving of money and time. You will spend less time and energy cleaning your landscape, particularly when you consider the fact that trees and their roots can obstruct sewers or the walls of your house, requiring money to be spent to repair the damage. However, the number one reason why many property owners choose to remove their trees is issues of safety. The branches of older trees which are overgrown may sometimes snap and break, falling on anyone that is beneath them. People have been seriously injured and even paralyzed by falling tree branches. If the roots of the tree extend beneath the foundation of your home, you’ve got a big problem, because the roots can mess up the sewer lines or driveway.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Tree Removal?

Removing a tree is not something you want to attempt yourself. Aside from falling and hurting yourself, if the tree lands on a car, building or person when it falls over, you could be personally held liable for any injuries or damage you cause. Fitz’s Fish Ponds is a prominent landscaper based in New Jersey that provides a variety of services, one of which is the removal of trees. We will assess your property, determine the best way to remove the tree, and then do it. Contact us today to learn more!