Masonry work is a type of construction method that is used when buildings are erected, particularly those which are made of stone or brick. It is a complex procedure that has existed since ancient times and is prevalent in both residential as well as commercial properties.

What is Masonry Work?

At the most basic level, masonry involves the laying of stone or brick within mortar, which is smoothen. It is usually done in conjunction with the positioning of trestles or scaffolding when a construction site is prepared. Its practice first emerged during antiquity, when masons would construct a variety of structures including bridges, domes, towers, temples and fortifications. The ancients did it slowly, usually via hand and primarily during the summer months. This remained largely unchanged until the 20th century, at which point the introduction of mechanization sped up material delivery and mortar preparation.

Why Should You Get Masonry Work?

The purpose of masonry work always has been to erect strong, stable structures which were resistant to the elements and would protect those who lived or worked within. Stone and brick provide a number of characteristics which have given them an enduring popularity among land and property owners. Aside from their great strength and durability, they provide natural insulation. Buildings which are constructed with brick or stone masonry will trap heat during the winter, keeping those inside warm and cozy, while during summer the building’s interior will be nice and cool.

Masonry, unlike wood, is completely impervious to rot, mold or mildew, and will keep moisture out of the interior of the building. Insects such as termites have no effect on it, and perhaps one of the most outstanding attributes of brick or stone are their natural resistance to fire. Unlike newer synthetic siding materials, masonry work is environmentally friendly and its processing does not lead to the release of hazardous chemicals. Its only real weakness is its cost and weight.

Masonry work is the construction method of choice for many contractors because it provides natural, beautiful structures which are resistant to high winds, extreme heat, rain, snow and sleet. Homes or buildings which are constructed using masonry work often command a high value on the market as they are greatly in demand. Masonry requires little upkeep aside from occasional cleaning and can last for generations.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Masonry Work?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds built a name for itself building and maintaining ponds for its clients, but also provides a variety of landscaping and construction services. You should hire us for masonry work because we employ a team of exceptional professionals who are passionate about the work they perform. They understand the best tools, materials and approaches and they will consult with you to determine your specific needs. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to masonry work, as no two projects are exactly alike. For us masonry is both art and science, and the work we do for you will be a true masterpiece. Contact us today!