Landscaping design is a combination of art and science which merges nature with culture. Designers will work and sculpt a plot of land to produce a spectacular environment which is aesthetically pleasing and which makes best use of the available space. It is an endeavor that requires both technical knowledge and an eye for style.

What is Landscaping Design?

Landscaping design is a type of master planning, where a specific landscape is the central focus. Designers will work with the horticultural, sustainable, and artistic aspects of the property. It is a field that incorporates multiple disciplines, including civil engineering, geography, botany, surveying and architecture. As such, those who specialize in landscaping design are expected to be polymaths who are able to excel in all these disciplines in a manner that allows them to produce breathtaking, one of a kind landscapes. Landscaping design is to land what paint and brush are to a canvas; a way for the designer to express themselves and the desires of their client.

Why Should You Get Landscaping Design?

Landscaping design is the ultimate way to maximize your surrounding environment. Aside from its visual appeal, it will boost the value of your property, while also lowering your power bill. For instance, it is known that adding a tree and shade above an existing air conditioning unit will increase its efficiency. Should you or your descendants decide to sell the property, they will do so for a much higher value and it will attract more prospective buyers.

Landscaping design also enhances the community while providing it with numerous environmental benefits. When done correctly landscaping design can lower pollution while enhancing air quality. Hazardous contaminants in the air can be removed or prevented from appearing and runoff can be captured and efficiently processed.

A beautiful and vibrant landscape will also attract nearby wildlife such as birds, butterflies and bees. Overall, landscaping design will increase the livability of the property. It will lead to a buffer zone which is green, a reduction in heat or noise and the perfect environment for entertaining guests. Soil degradation is a major problem in some communities, as is evaporation and erosion, but landscaping design will address and eliminate these issues. If you want greater temperature control, where you and your family can be warmer during winter and cooler during summer, while having lower energy costs, landscaping design is the best way to achieve it.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Landscaping Design?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds is an industry leader when it comes to pond construction, maintenance and landscaping design. The scenery we produce is not only spectacular, but it is also functional and eco-friendly, an unbeatable combination. It is not enough to produce an environment that is pretty to look at; it must make you feel good as well. Our team of contractors is artists who are dedicated to the work they perform. This has led to Fitz’s Fish Ponds being the contractor of choice for clients throughout New Jersey who desire upscale landscaping. Contact us today for more information!