Knowing which plants to choose for your property and where to put them is extremely important. While most neophytes think that all plants are the same, this isn’t true. For instance, prairie plants won’t perform well in soil which is waterlogged, while rock garden plants will quickly succumb if they’re planted in garden beds which are loamy and rich. How it is possible to know which plant will thrive where? The answer is landscape planting.

What is Landscape Planting?

Landscape planting is a discipline which involves putting the correct plants in the correct location, while providing them with the most optimal conditions for growth. This is critical for states such as New Jersey and other places in the northeast, which receive extremely cold winters which will kill many plant varieties. It is common for gardeners to take risks involving hardiness zones, growing plants from a zone which is warmer in a location which gets colder. Plants differ in the amount of light they need. While some need direct sunlight, others will thrive in shade instead.

Why Should You Get Landscape Planting?

Landscape planting will allow your plants to grow rapidly, while producing root systems which are healthy and which will promote richer soil. It will also ensure that plants are established in the right location, which plays an important role in the strength of their immune system. A plant which has a compromised immune system will become vulnerable to both disease as well as insects, and placing a plant in the wrong places can quickly wreck their immunity.

Landscape planting also provides many benefits to the soil itself. Different plants need certain types of soil in order to maximize their growth. The biggest advantage of soil is that it can be altered through the addition of amendments. For example, it is possible to produce clay soil, which has the key attribute of draining slowly while being porous, by adding more organic matter such as compost.

Or the landscaping specialist can produce a totally different type of soil through the construction of raised beds which are filled, which also provide a visually appealing environment. Landscape planters will ensure that the correct plant is placed in the right type of soil. Otherwise, the plant will either die completely, or will survive but only in a lackluster way. Landscape planting involves extensive knowledge and an understanding of which plants thrive in specific soil conditions.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Landscape Planting?

Our plant specialists at Fitz’s Fish Ponds have an extensive knowledge of plants, soil, and the climatic conditions of both New Jersey and the northeast in general. They can help you choose plants which will grow most effectively on your property, and will test and modify soil as required. They will position plants in a manner in which they will boost the aesthetic beauty of your property, while also making the landscape functional. We work with plant color and texture, and the manner in which they blend in with the surrounding environment. Contact us today to learn more!