Drainage is a fundamental part of managing buildings or any structure which uses plumbing. At times plumbing will become clogged for various reasons, and those having problems with their shower, toilet or sink may need assistance in unclogging them. Drainage services can be performed on a small or large scale, depending on the needs of the property owner.

What is Drainage?

Drainage is the process of unclogging a structure so that it can function properly, normally to move substances such as water from one place to another. In residential properties, drainage services will usually focus on the shower, toilet and sewage lines. Drainage specialists will use water jetting which is high pressure and even cameras to inspect drains, make needed repairs and reline pipes which have burst.

In addition to unclogging drains and pipes, drainage also involves repairing areas which have been subjected to flooding. When a homeowner notices mud or water in an area outside where it shouldn’t be, this is usually a sign that a nearby pipe is broken or cracked.

Why Should You Get Drainage Services?

Many property owners fail to perform occasional maintenance on the drains and pipes within their buildings. This is understandable, as most of these structures are hidden behind walls and aren’t readily visible to the human eye. However, over time both pipes and drains are subject to wear, particularly in northern climates where they may freeze during winter. If not properly maintained they will eventually malfunction which can cause costly damage to the property.

Drainage is essential not only for existing building, but for project sites where buildings will be constructed. It helps direct the flow of water which results from irrigation and rain so that it is taken away from the ground surface. When drainage is not correctly guided it will enter soil and cause it to become saturated. Once the soil is saturated water will pool near the surface.

Poor drainage is almost always the result of water pooling on surfaces which are impervious, particularly where few plants are present. It can lead to hydroplaning, and the water will fill any exposed ruts near roadways. A deteriorating drainage system can compromise the very foundation of a building, promoting the growth of mildew and moss, making the environment unhealthy for anyone who works or lives there.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Drainage?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds is a highly respected company that specializes in pond construction and landscaping. While water is a necessity for daily functioning, this is only when it is properly controlled. When the flow of water is not controlled, it will cause damage to buildings, structures, pipes and drains. The drainage services we provide will ensure that your pipe and drainage system are in working order. We also use materials that are designed to withstand freezing temperatures, which is common in the northeast during winter. Outside your property, the drainage services we provide will eliminate erosion by stopping the uncontrolled flow of water. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.