When landscape lighting is done properly, it will boost the visual appeal of your property, highlighting its various structural characteristics while giving attention to prized trees and plants. The majority of contemporary lighting is of lower voltage, and there are a number of reasons for that. For one, these newer systems are much safer to operate than the older 120 volt systems and they cost less to install.

What is Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting is a type of light system which is used to highlight various areas of your property, particularly after dark. They can produce a number of effects, from a glow which is subtle to a moonlight beam sent down the tree canopy which is ethereal in nature. Landscape lighting involves more than merely selecting specific hardware, and also involves an eye for design. It isn’t uncommon to under lit trees using accent lights which will create an atmosphere that is inviting. Typical components of a good low voltage lighting system include the bulb, fixture housing, transformer and stake cable.

Why Should You Get Landscape Lighting?

The effects which you’ll achieve with landscape lighting are simply stunning. Setting them up correctly is a process that is best left up to a specialist, as they know which products to use and how best to arrange them. The specialist will position the fixtures in a way where they are kept away from leaves or debris so they won’t overheat. Light bulbs which burn out will need to be quickly replaced so others that use the same circuit don’t become subject to voltage overloads, which will shorten their service life.

Aside from aesthetics and style, landscape lighting also increases the security and safety of your property. A yard which is lit well means that you won’t have to fumble around in darkness while moving around, and it makes the area less attractive to intruders, as they have less shadows or unlit areas to hide in. Installing landscape lights will also change the manner in which your outdoor area is used.

For instance, adding a few lights to your patio or deck will allow you to enjoy the evening air or even entertain a few friends. For commercial properties, landscape lighting will extend your décor. When lighting is done well it will make the building look more sophisticated which is precisely the effect you want to have on visitors, particular prospective clients, vendors or business partners.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Landscape Lighting?

What sets Fitz’s Fish Ponds apart from other contractors is the years of experience we bring to the table, as well as our creative and technical aptitude. For us great lighting is both an art and science and we collaborate with each client to come up with solutions that are best for your property. Whether you need lighting for commercial or residential real estate, we have the products, tools, knowledge and experience that are needed to produce work that you will be proud of. Contact us today to learn more!

Landscape Lighting
Landscape Lighting