Large Scale Project in 2017: Bedminster, New Jersey

The Problem:

Our client reached out with a problem for us to solve. Part of his property was an eyesore and difficult to keep up. A tree had fallen into his overgrown pond, it had been leaking for ages, and it had become a major problem for this homeowner.

The Fitz’s team and developed this concept of a multi-level waterfall that pours gracefully into the large basin. The challenge was to use the existing layout and keep the feel of the beautiful forest that surrounded it.

The Solution

This project was a chance to push the limit on scale. We were able to build a large water feature that was complex and build a sustainable healthy pond at the bottom. With over 30,000 gallons of water, our team custom built a filtration system to keep the water clean and healthy for the fish that call it home. The gravel suction grid for filtration worked like a charm. Then added a Used an external pressure filter, to keep the water extra clear.

Our team cleared the whole pond, saved fish, fixed the drainage issues, lined the pond with a massive liner. Then we brought in 50 tons of moss rock boulders. Saved the original bridges and made them stronger and sturdy. Created a look that was natural to the forest surrounding it.

This was an exciting project for the FFP team and we are extremely proud of how it turned out!

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