If you’re looking for a company to construct your pond, you have come to the right place! Fitz’s Fish Ponds provides exceptional pond construction and maintenance, and landscaping services. By working closely with our clients, we are able to provide unique and personalized services to recreate the perfect backyard for our clients. Here are some of the services that we provide in Piscataway, New Jersey.

About Piscataway, New Jersey

The township of Piscataway is located in Middlesex County, New Jersey. The town has a population of over 56,000 residents. The township lies on the south side of the Raritan Valley, a line of cities in Central Jersey, along with New Brunswick, Highland Park and South Plainfield. Piscataway has advanced educational and research facilities at Rutgers University, whose main campus spills into the township. The town is also home to the Rutgers Scarlet Knight football team. Some places of interest in Piscataway include Johnson Park, East Jersey Old Town Village and Cornelius Low House

Pond Construction Services in Piscataway, NJ

Bring your backyard into life by introducing ponds into them! We offer a wide variety of ponds to fit your home and the desires you have for your outdoor space – ecosystem ponds, water gardens, formal ponds and much more. Our seasoned experts give considerable thought on how to create a healthy ecosystem for your pond by tapping on various specialties such as filtration, aquatic life, recirculation of pond water and gravel used.

Pond Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Piscataway, NJ

Most pond maintenance companies simply react to problems that occur with the pond. Whether it’s removing excessive weed or algae growth, we take a proactive approach towards pond and lake management. We use a combination of aeration, beneficial bacteria and natural treatments to increase oxygen levels and beneficial bacteria in the pond. In addition to removing the problem, we thrive to resolve the root cause of the issue.

Landscape Design Services in Piscataway, NJ

Besides pond construction and management, our experts also have the necessary knowledge in providing landscaping services as well. Transform your outdoor space into something more functional that adds on to the aesthetics of your home! Whether you’re looking for greater privacy on your property or want more space for social gatherings and events, Fitz’s Fish Ponds will get the job done. We provide a comprehensive list of landscape services to achieve this.

Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Top-Notch Pond Design, Construction and Maintenance Services in Piscataway, NJ

Fitz’s Fish Ponds prides ourselves in providing exceptional pond construction and maintenance, and landscaping services in the New Jersey region. Our dedicated team of creative and trained professionals are dedicated in providing excellent services to our customers. We believe that no idea or goal is too farfetched to be recreated.  With personalized designs and expertise in related specialties, you can count on us in creating your dream backyard.

If you have any questions about Fitz’s Fish Ponds’ services in Piscataway, NJ, feel free to call us at (908) 315-7370 or email us at sales@fitzfishponds.com now. Alternatively, you may fill out our online form.