Why You Should Use Pond Pliers

Ponds and water gardens must be monitored and maintained all year round, which often involves manual tasks such as trimming branches or shrubbery, removing leaves and debris from the water, and getting rid of plant stalks which have become bent. When performing these tasks, a good pond plier is an indispensable tool.

Pliers which are heavy duty will greatly simplify the work involved with pond maintenance. They come with a design that is rugged, meaning they’re durable and will last for many years before having to be replaced. When using a telescopic shaft that is metallic, your reach will be greatly extended, and models that use a gripper that is three prong and rubberized will allow objects to be captured with greater ease. It is the perfect tool for cleaning the pond and ensuring it is in a manicured condition at all times.

How Pond Pliers Work

A quality plier should have a length of about 125 cm. This allows it to reach branches which are further away with ease, while allowing pond workers to keep their feet dry. In many cases the pliers will also be sold with algae nets, which are perfect for removing debris from the water. This is because they allow you to reach at a much lower depth. Pond pliers also allow plants of every size, shape and species to be easily trimmed, and will keep your maintenance time to a minimum. Once the pliers have been used for plant trimming, you can then use them to gather the waste.

What To Look For When Shopping For Pond Pliers

When shopping for pliers, look for a brand which is telescoping. The reason for this is because these pliers are best suited to frequent pond cleaning and care. They come with grips that are rubberized, and can readily grasp objects which range from branches to leaves, and most other objects that fall into pond water. Most telescopic pliers also use grips which are ergonomic, meaning they’re comfortable to handle, even when working at ranges of six feet or more.

Another important feature that a pond plier should have is adjustable length. This allows the operator to work at a variety of distances, without having to physically get into the water. High quality pond pliers will utilize a linkage mechanism that is internal, meaning that the unit can disengage whenever needed. Most brands will have three locking positions which are present, and the operator simply has to adjust and then press the trigger handle on the grip to seize an object.

The grip handle should also contain a lock, along with a telescopic shaft that is three steps, with intervals such as four feet, five feet or six feet. When purchasing pond pliers be sure to get them from a company that is reputable and which has years of experience manufacturing them.