Why You Should Install a Wooden Pergola or Arbor

One of the hottest trends in landscaping is the creation of an outdoor space that is used for a certain purpose. And one of the most stylish options is the creation of a wooden pergola or arbor. Below are some reasons why.

How Are Arbors Used?

An arbor is a garden alcove positioned in shade that has a roof and sides which are formed by trees or vegetation. They are often used to highlight specific yard features, such as your water garden or pond, and might even mark the entrance to it. The cost for constructing and installing an arbor will depend on the material and size you choose, and will increase further if you choose to add a trellis.

The main benefit of choosing in arbor is that it allows you to create a backyard focal point without the need to sacrifice space. They are also an optimal choice for gardeners as vines will grow along its lattice structure naturally. Some property owners choose to build them near patios or decks, where they can become a fundamental part of the complete backyard layout.

Those with a smaller yard will want to use a multipurpose arbor. For instance, it could serve as an area for seating with a bench and throw pillows. Some potted plants can be added along with string lights on the lattice that will give it a pleasant sparkle after dark.

How Are Pergolas Used?

A pergola is similar to a gazebo but is much more open. Rather than having a top that is covered, pergolas make use of a cross post or lattice roof, which allows those beneath to enjoy the sunlight, with the option to add shade whenever they desire. When added to the backyard the pergola will provide it with a luxurious appearance.

A wooden pergola offers a number of benefits. Aside from the fact that they can be used as an outdoor room, they can boost the value of your property considerably. A table and other furnishings can be added to entertain guests, and with the retractable canopy model, you can control how much sunlight is allowed inside. Due to their greater complexity, pergolas tend to be more expensive than arbors, and the final price will depend on the size, amenities, wood type and whether it uses a canopy that is retractable.

Despite their higher price tag, pergolas can be used in many ways. While they tend to be standalone structures in larger backyards, in smaller yards they are frequently used above the seating area or deck, providing shade to those beneath. Grapevines can be planted nearby so that the pergola can be used for gardening. It is one of the best ways to add elegance to your backyard, irrespective of size, and like the arbor can serve as an ideal focal point which increases your property value while impressing visitors.