Why Should You Perform Pond Water Testing?

Many people will not really give much thought to how much maintenance a pond needs. However, keeping your pond looking so vital and teeming with life requires some effort. One of the most important parts of your routine include pond water testing. This is something you can do yourself, or if you prefer you can employ the services of an expert.

Why Is It Necessary To Test My Pond Water?

You might think that pond water is just pond water, but the truth is it can be harmful to wildlife or you can ensure it is healthy and life-giving. Even if the water is clear, that does not always indicate the pond is healthy for fish. A healthy pond should be nutrient-rich and well oxygenated. Its pH should be checked regularly. With regular water testing you will be able to spot any issues early, so you can correct or treat the 3ater before it becomes an issue to your fish.

Why Does MY Pond Need More Checks When First Established?

When you first create a pond, it will take a little time for all of the elements to come together. The plants, the oxygenation of the water, the pH may be unsettled. Once you stock your pond with fish, then nitrates, nitrites and ammonia will add to the mix as part of the normal fish excretion cycle. This will affect the amount of oxygen in the pond, which in turn will affect the health of the fish and other wildlife. Once everything appears to be in balance, then you can undertake pond water testing on a fortnightly or monthly basis or even less frequently.

Prevention Is Better than Cure

You will initially notice a lot of fluctuations in your readings of the pH, oxygen and ammonia levels. As they change throughout the day at different rates, it is always best to take your reading at the same time of day every day, so you can not only compare them, but because this will also give an early indication of when something needs attending to. If an issue develops you will be very well placed to carry out an effective treatment in the early stages. This is preferable to trying to deal with something that has been a problem for a period of time, as it will take longer to treat.

Good Quality Water Equals Happy Health Fish!

Once you get into the habit of checking your readings, you will know when to increase or decrease feeding or in introduce more aeration or oxygen. Once the chemistry of your pond is balanced, your fish will be happy and healthy and will grow well. Koi are quite sensitive creates and even a small change in the makeup of the pond can have an adverse effect on them.

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