What Are The Different Type Of Ponds You Can Add To Your Backyard?

Water gardening has evolved over the years. From a small koi pond to an entire ecosystem pond with mini waterfalls, people using ponds to satisfy their interest in nature as well as beautifying their house. With a wide variety of aquatic plants and fishes, ponds create a peaceful aura and calm ambience where people use them to produce functional outdoor living areas and improving the visual within their house. So what are the different types of ponds you can build in your backyard?

Koi Pond

Koi pond is a perfect choice if you plan to raise koi for profit, fish clubs, competitions or you simply have a hobby of raising fishes. The design of a koi pond is done to optimize the living environment for koi. Hence, koi ponds do not have plant shelves and are 4 feet deep to prevent having predators of koi and increase space for the fishes to swim and grow. Bottom drains are leveraged upon to promote breeding of their fishes, along with a lot of water provided. The water volume and circulation of koi ponds are maintained by more complicated equipment such as the UV sterilizer and heavy duty filtration systems as compared to the familiar skimmers and waterfall boxes.

Water Garden

Water garden, similar to backyard ponds, comprises of different types. While other ponds contain fishes, water gardens focus more on plants where its perimeter holds plant shelves. If you are a beginner and want to start with an easy pond first, preformed liner is an ideal choice. For this pond, in-pond filtration systems are easy to install and can house a few colorful fish of your choice and aquatic plants. You can also customize your water garden by adding a waterfall.

Pondless Waterfall

As the name suggest, this is not really considered as a pond. For people who do not have enough space or time to house a pond in their house, a pondless waterfall is a good alternative. This waterfall uses a catch basin that is filled with rocks that allow water to pass through them. You can decorate the pondless waterfall by adding a variety of plants beside it.

Waterwalls & Spouts

Waterwalls and spouts are an elegant type of ponds and are easy to maintain. They can be built anywhere, in smaller outdoor areas and even inside your house! They function on spillways that are designed specially to let the water flow down continuously and easily. With the harmonious sound of water trickling down, your house immediately feels calm and peaceful.

Constructing a pond takes a lot of hard work and the process is also important to ensure the pond has the optimal living environment for living creatures, therefore, it is beneficial if a team of pond specialists are able to provide their professional help to build the best pond for you. Fitz’s Fish Ponds have years of experience of constructing various types of ponds for people in their homes. As we are adept with fish and plant care, we know how to ensure your pond is able to house fishes and plants and implement preventive measures of bacteria, fish illnesses and more. With us, your future pond is in safe hands.