Top 10 Pond Plants To Enhance Your Landscape

Pond plants offer many benefits to ponds and aquatic life. These plants improve algae control, produce more oxygen, filtration, and better water clarity. When matured, they also enhance your landscape amazingly well. Here are some pond plants that you can introduce into your pond:

Pickerel Pond Plants

Pickerel pond plants are a fantastic choice for your pond. It has green and shiny heart-shaped leaves. The blooms last long and are beautiful when planted en masse. They can grow to a height of up to 24-30 inches.

Creeping Jenny Pond Plants

Creeping Jenny is a perennial pond plant that grows on land. Creeping Jenny plants also grow very well in ponds and grows to an approximate height of 2 inches. They have small yellow flowers that appear all through summer.

Horsetail Pond Plants

Horsetail pond plants, also known as Horsetail Reed is a strikingly unique plant with architectural qualities. It has reeds which are segmented and grows to a height of 24 inches, with a shorter version growing up to 8 inches. It spreads fast and during summer, you may need to thin it. In autumn, you should cut it to the ground to prevent the spores from proliferating.

Taro Pond Plants

There are several types of Taro pond plants available and they thrive in part to full sun. This tropical leafy water plant reaches a height of 48 inches and looks amazing in any pond.

Cardinal Flower

This attractive flower is a bird puller and loves to grow along the pond’s shallow edges. Its leaves are a deep burgundy with flowers that are a vivid red. The leaves grow to 8 inches long and the plant itself can reach a height of 3 feet.

Mosaic Plant

The Mosaic plant has red and green leaves which are diamond-shaped and in 3-6 inch circle shapes. Easy to grow, they provide shelter for your fish.

Water Lettuce

The water lettuce has lime green leaves that appear as floating lettuce. They are easy to grow and reproduce all through summer. You can easily share the plant with others or move the plant to containers.

Blue Iris

There are hundreds of aquatic iris plants. The Blue Iris grows up to a height of 4 feet. Its large flowers range in different shades of blue; from pale blue to a light purple.

Sweet Flag

Sweet flag is also known as Japanese sweet flag and can be grown in a pond, partially submerged, or in a container. Its leaves are light green, accentuated with vivid yellow stripes and is in bloom nearly all seasons (sometimes during winter).


Waterlilies are common in many ponds because of their stunning flowers, which are available in all colors of the rainbow. For example, orange, red, green, yellow, blue, violet, indigo, white and different shades of all these colors. The flowers have a diameter of 2 inches and some 12 or more inches. The leaves are from 2 inches to more than 6 feet and are divided into two groups: tropical and hardy.

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