The Benefits of EPDM Pond Liners

EPDM pond liners provide a number of benefits over standard models. Aside from being pre-cut and designed for ease of transport, they can also be used in the construction or renovation of a variety of ponds and water gardens.

How Do EPDM Pond Liners Work?

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is a type of rubber which is synthetic, and exceptionally flexible. Many pond owners have become fond of it because it is easy to handle yet lasts a long time and is safe to use with water.

EPDM pond liners differ from regular pond liners in that they can be shaped in any manner desired. This means they can fit into ponds of all shapes and sizes. They will not harm fish, plants or other aquatic species. Furthermore, these types of pond liners are resistant to certain types of attacks from string algae and microbes and after installation are largely maintenance free. These liners are available in different sizes, and those who want something specific can simply choose the desired measurement when making their order.

How Long Will EPDM Pond Liners Last?

When you buy these pond liners from a reputable brand, they can last for decades. These liners are exceptionally durable and simple to install. Additionally, they have been designed in such a way where they can handle very high temperatures. Many are designed with materials that are resistant to ultra violet light. They also tend to be thick, which means that they will be capable of holding water for many years to come.

Unlike many pond products today, whose manufacture has been outsourced to developing countries, many EPDM pond liners and accessories are 100 percent made in the USA. This means their design quality and standards are superb. Many of these pond liners are sold with underlayment which has a strength that is high tensile. This is essentially an additional isolation layer that is placed beneath the liner. The underlayment will provide you with a long lasting and stable foundation which can be used with waterfalls, water gardens or Koi ponds.

What You Should Look For When Purchasing An EPDM Pond Liner?

You should look for pond liners which are capable of handling temperatures extending from -40 Fahrenheit to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. They should have resistance to UV light, and should also be certified as being safe for both plants and fish. Getting an EPDM liner with an extra layer for underlayment is a plus, as it will stabilize the soil while blocking air voids from being created among the soil and liner. The liner you buy should also be resistant to punctures yet light in weight, which will allow it to be carried and transported with ease. Depending on the texture that the liner has, it might also be capable of reducing the growth of algae while simultaneously promoting the growth of healthy bacteria.