Are New Jerseyans sustainable because of government subsidies, for cost cutting measures, or are we really green minded?  As a state, NJ is a leader.  We have Sustainable Jersey, a comprehensive sustainability program for communities that identifies actions, provide tools, resources and guidance to make progress and offers access to grants and funding for municipalities.  To date 448 of our 566 municipalities have registered.  We are installing solar panels faster than any other state.  We are trying to use our land wisely by building more communities closer to transit hubs to safeguard our open spaces.  Why are we doing this?  Could it be that we are simply protecting our personal investments?

My house is my largest single purchase.  I spend time, money and energy maintaining the inside, the outside and whatever enters it.  I believe it is the people, animals and plants that make my house my home.  In order to maintain a healthy living environment.  I minimize pesticides on the outside and harmful chemicals on the inside.  I harvest rainwater, compost, and recycle.  That is the best I can do here.

In order to reach the community at large, I share awareness and success stories.  There are green teams, sustainable groups and environmental organizations in nearly every town working toward more sustainable actions and ready to help interested parties.  Even though we are the Garden State and supposedly leaders in the green revolution the catalyst in becoming sustainable at home is financial.  Money always talked, now it screams.

We can reduce energy bills by shopping alternative suppliers, closing or opening blinds, and using fans and lights only when in the room.  We can pay upfront for solar and enjoy savings later (through the costs for installation are steadily falling).  We can unplug everything at night and enjoy savings today.  There are new options to replace every piece of equipment in and around our homes with a more economical version.  Do the research first and ask a lot of questions.  Save the Earth or same your worth?  A sustainable home can do both.