Planting with a purpose and goal is an effective strategy for responsible landscaping.  Consider the reason you are planting tree before you choose one based on its pretty flowers the day you walk into the nursery.  To be wooed by a beautiful tree is understandable, but a smart planting design is key to a sustainable landscape.  A well-placed shade tree can cut your electric bill in summer months while allowing the sun to warm the same windows in the winter.  Evergreen trees are wonderful wind blocks, as well as screening against the roads and nosey neighbors.  The right tree in the right spot will pay dividends for its life.

There are many invasive species of plants being sold as ornamental trees and shrubs.  Norway maples were introduced in the 1700s but did not emerge as problematic until the turn of the 20th century.  They now frequently invade forests, create a dense shade, and spread their shallow roots, which cause losses of diversity of native understory wildflowers.  Consider planting a white ash or a red oak instead.  Burning bushes were introduced in the mid-1800s and are beautiful in the fall.  Unfortunately, they invade forest edges, roadsides and yards.  They form dense thickets which displace native vegetation.  There are plenty of other great choices to plant instead. Try fothergilla or viburnum.

Tree farms and nurseries are stocked with many varieties and species of fruit, flowering, pollinating and purposeful needs of plants to properly display the trees best attributes and to give it room to grow.  That is a benefit both you and the tree will enjoy.  A knowledgeable nursery is beneficial to its customers as well as it plants.  They can be helpful letting you know before you plant a fruit bearing peach tree, that garlic and nasturtium are great companion plants.  The garlic will repel aphids, mites and Japanese beetles.  Nasturtium will deter white flies, squash bugs and wooly aphids.  Companion plantings will help attract beneficial insects and help avoid the use of pesticides.  Lavender will attract butterflies wile ridding the area of ticks and mice.  Get the most out of your plant purchases by either learning companion plantings or by hiring a very knowledgeable contractor.