Quick Tips For Your First Pond Landscaping Project

Pond landscaping makes a great summer project, and can be done with friends or family members. Whether you desire one that is a half acre in size,  or a much smaller pond that is designed to fit into your backyard, following the tips below will ensure your project is done the right way.

Establish Your Budget

You first need to figure out much money you can allocate towards constructing the pond. The cost for pond construction will vary depending on the materials, size, amount of water you will use, and the plants, fish, water features and other equipment that it will require. If this is your first time embarking on such a project, it can be helpful to consult with a professional in order to determine which materials and equipment are the best for your budget.

Construct The Pond On High Ground

Evaluate the space that is available for the pond and then find the point with the highest elevation; this is where you will want to position it. While some may suggest installing the pond at a lower elevation, the reason you want to avoid this is because positioning it on higher ground will prevent excessive rainwater will entering it, which will maintain the water clarity while ensuring the pond doesn’t develop problems with algae.

Make Sure Everything Is Sized Correctly

Pond construction is a form of architecture, and in architecture accurate measurements are extremely important. Think about the size of the water features you want to install, and whether or not they’ll fit. Some areas, particularly smaller ones, are best reserved for a preformed pond or for a waterfall or stream which is pond less. A general rule of thumb is to make the pond as big as you can.

Think About Your Audience

Who will benefit the most from the pond? If it’s your children, you will want to make sure it is friendly, colorful, safe and readily accessible. If you’re instead designing the pond for an adult who travels frequently, it may be best to stick to a waterfall which is pond less, since ponds require a considerable amount of attention and maintenance. If you are designing the pond for someone who enjoys fish and aquatic plants, it is best to go with a classical design.

Consider Using A Pond Kit

Building a fully customized pond from scratch is an endeavor that takes considerable skill and lots of experience, which is why many property owners hire a professional. This is a good option for those who can afford it, but for those who can’t, a pond kit is a great choice. These kits greatly simplify the process of building a pond and while some are designed for big streams or waterfalls, others are geared towards ponds that will be full of fish. Pond kits usually include equipment that makes maintenance simple which will benefit those that are busy.