Project Spotlight: Perfect Pond, Patio & Pit in Freehold, NJ

Project Spotlight: A Perfect Pond, Patio & Fire Pit in Freehold, NJ

This project took the FFP Pond Construction and Landscape team out to Freehold, NJ where they gave this backyard a magnificent makeover. The project started with the FFP Pond Construction team building a beautiful natural pond. 



Upon request, Judd will complete custom designs of what a space can look like to give customers a true vision of how the pond and patio can enhance their yard. This is where he takes the customers dream and it is the first step of bringing it to fruition. 

Pond, Waterfalls and Plantings

This 12×16 by 4ft deep 4,500 gallon pond features a dual waterfall that creates tranquility in this backyard entertainment space. The pond construction team creatively placed boulders and stones to provide an elegant natural feel. The water quality in this pond is especially clear as it features advanced filtration in the form of a bead filter and UV55 grid system. The landscape team then carefully decorated this pond with pops of color that truly bring the pondscape to life.  Surrounding the pond are some monster evergreens and flowering trees to bring pops of color into the space. Other plantings include spruce, dogwood, and beautiful blue pines. Some holly tucked in with red berries can be found towards the back and then a beautiful  specimen of southern magnolia as well.  There is a little blue limber pine and tons of perennials for color. Spring and summer colored seeds are all tucked around stepping stones. All of the plantings blend beautifully with the pond and compliment the pre-existing arborvitae trees that line the yard. 

Stone Patios & Custom Brick and Stone Fire Pit

This amazing outdoor entertainment space uses two different types of stone for the different patio levels. The main patio as well as the landing for the stairs was constructed using a multicolor thermal bluestone which is bound together by a durable yet permeable joint sand. This porous sand coupled with the gravel foundation underneath allows for optimal drainage to occur. The patio level where the firepit is situated featured an irregular flagstone. The steps were crafted into an arch so it can step down to the fire pit and the hard dark wet sand was also swept into the joints as well.  The base for the firebowl is outlined with brick and then the bowl itself sits on a raised brick ring providing an awesome additional entertainment space. Finally, multiple walkways were also constructed. One surrounding the pond which uses irregular flagstones and then the joints are filled with small river stones and another walkway that connects the back yard area to the driveway as well as a shed for the homeowners convenience. The backside of the house also features a second set of steps with a railing towards the driveway. 

Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen at this property is a stunning addition. It elevates the yard to a true outdoor entertaining space. The “L” shaped kitchen is built from Old English Block and it really pops against the natural stone used for the patio. It is equipped with beautiful stainless steel appliances including an inset ice bucket, refrigerator, trash drawer, high end grill as well as a kamado grill! It is finished with a beautiful textured white and tan granite that polishes off this kitchen.


Nighttime Lighting Effects

As a final touch, the landscape team installed Louvered lights that are embedded into the stone steps. The lights make the steps appear to be beautifully loating. Additional lighting trails around the outdoor kitchen and the various path lights enhance the entire yard. The lighting system not only highlights the main patio area, but it also highlights the multicolor pattern of the bluestone and really beautifies the space. Finally hanging lights surround the pond and add some sparkle to this magnificent backyard at night. 

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