Mid-Atlantic Koi Club Visits the FFP Farm in Milford, NJ

On Saturday June 4th, The Mid-Atlantic Koi Club came to Fitz’s Farm in Milford, NJ. The MAKC consists of koi hobbyists that get together from all over the East Coast to learn from each other about the important methods of koi keeping and water quality. At meetings, during field trips, and through social media members share their experiences with the primary focus to educate one another.

At Fitz’s Fish Ponds, we are always happy to work with koi enthusiasts and programs that support what we love and do! We provided the MAKC with a tour of our facility, an educational seminar, an opportunity to purchase koi and a lunch where we could gather and chat. The club has four chapters and 28 members, some from each chapter, were able to come to our event. Some members traveled from as far as Virginia and even Minnesota to be a part of this day! We love fostering relationships with koi hobbyist and educating those who share the same passion as us.

Our members were warmly greeted upon our arrival by Brian and AJ. I was in the group led by AJ who was extremely knowledgeable about the farm and the koi. At the first koi greenhouse, we were met by Mike who described in detail what his responsibilities were at the Farm with the koi. Many questions were asked and each one was answered to everyone’s satisfaction. We learned new ways and methods regarding quarantine and koi health. Fitz’s Koi Farm has high quality koi that are healthy and well-kept. The farm is well-organized, clean, and well-equipped. I highly recommend a field trip to Fitz’s.” – MAKC President, Herb Ehrich

A few of our members had previously visited with you, but for most of us it was a wonderful first time experience. We want to thank Brian and his crew for sharing their hospitality and providing our members with a fun and educational tour of the facilities. Most of us left for home with beautiful koi additions for our ponds. I was thrilled with my new Showa and Goshiki, who are now exploring and fitting right in to their new environment. Thanks again and we look forward to visiting again.”MAKC Vice President, Rosemary Vena

Interested in buying koi? Come check out our beautiful selection at the FFP Farm. Fill out the Farm Visit Interest Form and one of our team members will reach out to you!