Magnificent Property Makeover in Manalapan, NJ

This project is a reflection of a full Fitz’s Fish Ponds team effort. The project began with a collaboration between our landscape team and pond construction team and then led to our service team coming in as well as our koi sales department assisting the homeowner in selecting some beautiful koi to complete this magnificent property makeover in Manalapan, NJ.

Backyard Makeover: Pond & Patio

The backyard of this property already had a lovely swimming pool. Beyond the pool was a grassy yard that was a blank canvas for our team. First, the team outlined the perimeter of the pond and then got to work. The pondscape is approx. 20×20 and 5,000 gallons and features double filter falls and an Evolution Aqua Bead Filtration System. It utilizes an Evolution Aqua Evo UV 55W and an Atlantic TT6000 Pump. This beautiful and efficient pond is outlined by coping boulders and has been planted out to add color throughout by the landscape team. A flagstone patio, filled in with river rock surrounds the pond, making it a space for the homeowner to enjoy.

In addition, adjacent to the pond, a large blue spruce with a boulder perimeter was arranged so the homeowner can light it up for the holidays. The project also called for some new privacy trees surrounding the pool so the team removed the existing arborvitae on the right side of the pool and planted 7-8 new large evergreen trees, 2 -3 flowering trees, and topped it off with soil and mulch.

Front Yard Facelift: Island Beds and Boulders

This stunning home sits on a corner lot in Manalapan, NJ. The homeowner desired privacy from the road as well as some texture to a very large front yard. For our Landscapes & Stonework Manager, Judd Mandell, this property started as a blank canvas to bring to life! The team implemented multiple island planting beds with boulder walls and formations. A variety of plantings with seasonal color brings each to life. Judd did keep the homeowners favorite color blue in mind when designing and selecting plantings for this property, which is why there are a lot of blue flowering plants leading from the road throughout the property.

The large island bed near the driveway contains a Cryptomeria Tree, a Red Japanese Maple, a Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar, a Tall Blue Atlas Cedar, Sargents Juniper and Flowering Perennials which each provide different colors and textures throughout the year. The second island bed contains a Flowering Red Leaf Redbud, Tall Evergreens, Flowering shrubs and perennials tucked in throughout. Drainage for these beds surrounds them in the form of water collection holes.

In addition, our team renovated the existing landscape bed against the foundation of the house with a specimen Japanese Weeping Maple, Blue Ice Tree, Round Blue Spruce shrubs, masses of low growing purple/green junipers, compact ornamental grass, and flowering shrubs.

Lighting It Up!

Lights have been installed throughout the entirety of the property including both the front and backyard to allow for the space to be enjoyed during the day and at night. The lights illuminate the focal points including the pathways and boulders in the backyard by the pond. In the front yard, each island bed is lit up. There are multiple focal trees with large boulders and the slim modern pathlight will give these boulders and trees a wider spray of light.

Facing the home, you can see modern path lights travel the length of the walkway and they match the fixtures on the home including the railings. We also included well lights against the foundation and others that highlight different trees, plantings and boulder accents throughout the project. All of these beautiful lights are powered by a transformer system which is located on the side of the house.

Service Swoops In!

This beautiful pond is cared for and maintained by our service department at FFP. The pond is situated under some beautiful trees, and while they provide a cool shady spot to enjoy the pond, the leaves and debris that falls from the trees during the fall and early winter can pose a problem for the pond’s ecosystem. Our Service team designed and installed a net over this pond to catch the leaves in order to maintain the pond’s ecosystem and keep the koi healthy during this time of year.

Keeping it Koi

Our fish and koi sales department assisted this homeowner in stocking his pond with some beautiful koi. There are a few larger koi as well as some smaller ones that inhabit this pond including a beautiful Hi Utsuri. All koi supplied by Fitz’s Fish Ponds are imported directly from Japan and hand selected by the team while on their koi trips to Japan.

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