Lighting Fixture Tips For Underwater Landscape

Is getting an underwater lighting fixture for your pond important? Yes. Having a light placed at the base of a waterfall at a right angle makes the cascade sparkle and crackle in the shimmering rush of breaking water. Adding light fixtures is important if you need your pond or any other water features in your home to have that extra pop.  So, how do you choose the right lighting fixture for underwater landscape?

Choosing The Right Fixture

Underwater lighting fixtures are used to showcase pieces that would otherwise be left in the dark. However, it is important to note that not all fixtures available in the market are created equal. The quality you choose matters because the way an underwater lighting fixture is engineered and built matters more. A good lighting fixture will have the ability to keep out moisture/water.

For an underwater to be effective and reliable, it needs to remain dry after being submerged in a water feature. Don’t aim for low or cheap fixtures since they may not be of good quality. Choose fixtures that use LED lamps for longevity and continued reliability.

What To Look For When Buying An Underwater Fixture

In order to know whether a fixture is of high quality, there are aspects you need to look out for. These aspects include:

  • Look for a fixture with long lead wire. Wire connections for underwater fixture should never be submerged. The main reason is for safety since electronics and moisture do not mix. If you find a fixture that does not have a long lead wire, avoid it.
  • You should always check the quality of all components in a fixture. Check how the cord connects into the fixture. Is the facet metal or plastic? Metal faceting is always a better choice.
  • Check the sealing of the rubber gasket. The cover that holds the rubber and glass gasket down needs to screw down tight.
  • Ensure that the rubber gasket is water tight to protect the glass from water on all sides. Water has a way of getting into fixtures and that is why the quality of fixtures you get needs to be able to keep water out on every angle.
  • What material is the fixture made of? Choose an underwater fixture that is made from either stainless steel or brass. Both these materials are heavy duty and they don’t easily corrode when they get into contact with water.

What To Avoid In An Underwater Fixture

  • Avoid buying underwater fixtures that cannot be serviced. A fixture is serviceable if the light bulb can be swapped out. Being able to service a light fixture ensures it longevity because it means it can still be repaired even if water manages to seep in.
  • Be on the lookout and avoid fixture that can be opened without tools. If you are able to open a fixture with bare hands then that means water can easily get into the gadget.
  • Avoid fixtures made of plastic. Plastics crack easily and do not handle temperature change well.


It is important to note that no underwater fixture is waterproof. Even the best engineered underwater fixtures have a potential to leak. However, to ensure that your underwater lighting fixture works efficiently for long, you need to work with an experienced underwater landscape company. The company will help you to pick the right fixture and professionally install them for a quality finish.