Japan Koi Buying Trip April 2022

Fitz is back from Japan and has brought back tons of high end koi! He has visited over 20 breeders with the intent to buy koi for customers who have placed orders as well as stock up on the highest quality Tosai.

The breeders recently competed the process of deciding which koi will be “final grade” meaning those koi return to the mud ponds to continue to grow to Nisai throughout the summer months. Shintaro, for example only selects 200 fish to grow from Tosai to Nisai.

So the question is, what happens to the koi that remain? These fish remain in the breeders koi house for sale and we at FFP have exclusive access to hand selecting the very best fish. These are some of the most premier Tosai in the world.

Some of these fish are considered “Jumbo Tosai”– these koi are around 10-12 inches, have unique patterns and rich color schemes and are of the top percentile of all the koi bred throughout the year. It is quite often that during this buying trip, we acquire a diamond in the rough.

All of the fish were  shipped to our greenhouses at The Farm in Milford, NJ and must be held for quarantine for approximately 30 days. Those that are not pre-sold will be available for purchase.

As a koi hobbyist, this is a great trip to come on if you’re really getting interested in the other side of the hobby, where you want to buy expensive, high quality fish. The trip is open to dealers and hobbyists alike.

If you are interested in the Spring Japan Buying Trip, be on the lookout for registration in the fall through Koi Trips. 

Some of the breeders visited this trip were:

  • Shintaro
  • Marusei
  • Maruhiro
  • Sekiguchi
  • Ikarashi
  • Kano
  • Marudo
  • Kawakami
  • Shinoda
  • AND MORE!!

All of the new varieties of koi bought on this trip were delivered in early May 2022.

Watch Fitz tour Marusei’s MASSIVE Koi Farm and check out some of these spectacular koi!


Contact AJ at 908-301-4722 to schedule an appointment to come to the farm to hand pick your koi or complete the inquiry form by clicking HERE.